Winter Baby Names: Coolest cold-weather choices

January 25, 2013 Linda Rosenkrantz

Winter baby names are, quite literally, cool. While summer names can be sultry, spring names fresh and autumn names colorful, the increasingly trendy wintry names have an image that is crisp and clear, white and snowy. Some of these cold-climate names are fairly obvious—Winter being the extreme example– while others are a bit more subtle, ranging from calendar months to ski resorts to weather conditions to international twists.


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Winter is the mother name of this category, and definitely the season name du jour, sounding brighter than Summer or Autumn or even Spring. Winter first came under the spotlight when Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden used it as a middle name for daughter Harlow in 2008, then Gretchen Mol moved it into first place three years later. And if you find Winifred a bit stuffy, Winter is a more modern path to adorable nickname Winnie.


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