Unique Unisex Names for Boys

Unique Unisex Names for Boys

We love discovering unique unisex names for boys. Want to see some of our favorites?

The names here are all below the Top 1000 names for boys in the USA, according to the most recent data. All are used for boys between 35—65% of the time, making them as close to gender-neutral as you can get.

So if you’re looking to give your son a name that doesn’t shout out its gender, and that could be shared with any of his classmates but is unlikely to because it’s so rare... this is your style, and you might find The Name on this list.

And if you need even more inspiration? Check out our best unique unisex names for girls, because — you guessed it — you can use them for boys too!

Top Unique Unisex Boy Names

Here, our 100 favorite gender-neutral names for boys are ranked in order of their popularity in the US, all the way from Rio, which sits just below the Top 1000 and was given to 193 boys in 2019 , to names such as Knightley and Sascha that were used for only 5 boys.

This list includes a wide range of styles, so whether you love names that are ancient (like Michaiah) or modern (hi, Baxley), playful (Artie) or aspirational (Shine) there should be something for you.

Unique Unisex Names Ranked by Gender

Here are the same 100 names ranked by gender, starting with the most boy-heavy — Nicky, a 65:35 split for boys and girls — and ending in Believe, which is 35% boy and 65% girl. The most nonbinary names, used for half boys and half girls in 2019, are Kelby, Altair, Larsen, East, Innocent, Reiss, and Sascha.

If this is your style, you may enjoy our guides to unisex names and unique names.

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