Hindi, Sanskrit, Tamil

Jai Origin and Meaning

The name Jai is a boy's name meaning "victory".

Pronounced like Jay, this short name is popular in South Asia and makes for a great English-South Asian crossover choice, used regularly in the UK and Australia. It can also be an alternate spelling of the English name Jay, either short for a J name or deriving from the name of the bird.

Famous bearers include Tamil-language actor Jai Sampath, Australian actor Jai Courtney, and American actor and musician Jai Rodriguez.

Jai Popularity

Famous People Named Jai

  • Jai Stephen CourtneyAustralian actor
  • Jaidon Domenic Matthew "Jai" BrooksAustralian comedian of YouTube group The Janoskians
  • Jai WaetfordAustralian singer
  • Jai KoutraeAustralian actor
  • Jai SampathIndian Tamil film actor
  • Jai aka Jason RoweEnglish pop,soul singer
  • Jai McDowallScottish singer
  • (David) Jai RodriguezAmerican TV personality and actor
  • Jai Desmond TaurimaAustralian long jumper
  • Jai Powell LucasAmerican basketball player
  • Michael Jai WhiteAmerican actor
  • Jai Rodriguez (b. 2006)son of singer Sie7e
  • Jai Blue Wallace (b. 2012)son of actress Daya Vivian Vaidya
  • Jai Maysson of NFL player Joe Mays
  • Jai Fieldson of actress Kate Garven and Ben Field

Jai in Pop Culture

  • Jai Wilcoxcharacter on TV's "Covert Affairs"
  • Jaisidekick to Ron Ely's Tarzan movie character
  • Jai alaiLatin American sport