Unique Unisex Names for Girls

October 30, 2017 Pamela Redmond
unique unisex names

Unique unisex names are one of my favorite categories for baby girls. (For boys too, but that’s another story.)

The 36 names here were all found below the Top 1000 baby names for girls on the most recent Social Security list, though many are quite well-used. Bellamy and Scout, for instance, were each given to over 200 baby girls in 2016, putting them in spitting distance of the Top 1000.

Some of these names — Devon, Flynn, Ronan — are used much more commonly for boys than for girls. Others, such as Abilene and Jubilee, were used only for girls last year, though they are names not traditionally gendered.

Unique unisex names are becoming more popular for both baby girls and baby boys. Some unisex names that were once quite rare, such as Harper and Riley and Quinn, now rank among the Top 100 baby names for girls in the US.

If you’re looking for unique unisex names sidestep conventional gender identity for your daughter, all of these have a lot of style.

Unique Gender Neutral Names 

  1. Abilene
  2. Arizona
  3. Arrow
  4. Austen
  5. Bellamy
  6. Billie
  7. Campbell
  8. Darby
  9. Darcy
  10. Denver
  11. Devon
  12. Dorian
  13. Ellery
  14. Ellington
  15. Ever
  16. Flynn
  17. Halsey
  18. Hollis
  19. Jubilee
  20. Lincoln
  21. Loxley
  22. Loyal
  23. Marlow
  24. Murphy
  25. Perry
  26. Quincy
  27. Raleigh
  28. Ripley
  29. Ronan
  30. Sailor
  31. Scout
  32. Story
  33. Sullivan
  34. Tierney
  35. Waverly
  36. Wylie

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