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Rune Origin and Meaning

The name Rune is a boy's name of German origin meaning "secret".

Name with connotations both mystical and tragic, newly popular in Europe. For English speakers, though, this name might be ruined by its homonym ruin.

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Rune Popularity

Famous People Named Rune

  • Rune VeltaNorwegian ski jumper
  • Rune TemteNorwegian actor
  • Rune Torstein KiddeDanish writer and illustrator
  • Björn Rune BorgSwedish tennis player

Rune in Pop Culture

  • Runea spell or incantation
  • Runecharacter on TV's "Gilmore Girls." His name is a topic of discussion, usually disdainfully.
  • Runefemale character in Aphmau's YouTube series "Dreams of Estorra"
  • Runescapepopular Java,based RPG
  • "Rune Factory"video game series by XSEED games