Starbaby Inspirations and Variations

Starbaby Inspirations and Variations

By Hannah Bowes

Many Berries face the moral dilemma known as ‘name stealing’. Whilst it might be slightly disheartening for your co-worker’s friend’s cousin to call her baby your long-loved favourite for a little girl, this is amplified to a whole new level when a name you thought was your personal precious gem becomes the biggest birth announcement of the year.

Starbabies have changed the game of baby naming: highly ironic that this once fun game can turn into a time consuming exploration through copious lists only to have your efforts come to nothing as you realise that little Blue and sister North are no longer original choices. However, hope is not all lost! We can use these once seemingly perfect appellations as a basis to finding a name even more appealing.

So here are some alternatives to the most famous celebrity birth announcements, and where else to start than with reality royalty North West and Blue Ivy. These highly anticipated reveals ignited such social media frenzy that their unusual names have become irrevocably associated with their bearers.

North West– The initial imagery that North evokes is that of coldness and winter which led me to consider the charming appellation of January. This was put on the naming radar by Mad Men actress January Jones but still remains uncommon and, in my opinion, underused. The nickname Aria also has appeal for the Game of Thrones fan without being too connected. Another recommended option is that of the Greek goddess of the kingfishers, Alcyone, as she nested in the winter when the sea was calm.

Other ideas include: Icy, Frost, Eirwen, Alaska, Aurora, Robyn, Hazel, Amaryllis, Ivory, Polar, Isabelline, Pearl

Names with a similar beginning: Nora, Neva (snow), Norma, Norell, Noelia, Noa, Nolwen, Noor, Noriko, November

Names with a similar ending to North: Ardyth, Earth, Ferelith, Lilith, Luneth, Ruth, Truth

Blue Ivy Colour names such as Scarlet and Sienna have come into modern use, but Blue was a relative unknown until Beyoncé and Jay-Z used it for their daughter. In this case, inspiration can be taken from other shades of blue and names with a similar sound. My favourite option comes from the latter category in the form of Bluma. This lends itself perfectly to the nickname Blue whilst allowing the option of a beautiful formal name.

Other names with a similar sound include: Blair, Bliss, Belle (possible nickname of Bluebell)

Names with a meaning associated with the colour blue:  Lapis (Azure blue stone), Azura, Meena (blue stone), Livia

Shades of blue: Liberty, Marina, Catalina, Aqua, Skye, Celeste (Celestial blue), Sapphire, Lavender, Cyane, Oceana, Indigo, Maya, Persia, Aero, Iris

Some other celebrity favourites:

Olive Magnolia, Cocoa, Harriet, Hazel, Ophelia, Viola, Alyce, Olwen, Lavinia, Maude, Matilda, Forsythia, Polly, Isadora, Clotilde, Clover

Cadence Lyric, Aria, Boheme, Echo, Calla, Beatrice, Cassiopeia, Denver, Adair, Rhythm

Vivienne Vienna, Genevieve, Elvinea, Vanellope, Tabitha, Alveen, Anwen, Belen, Catalaya, Devon

Harper Pepper, Painter, Harlequin, Hartley, Linnea, Delilah

Apple Apolline, Cherry, Plumeria, Airlie, Fable, April

Sunday Sunniva, Marisol, Early, Monday, Evening, September, Holiday, Chapel, Faraday

Suri Sorya, Circe, Sakura, Sadie, Zara, Orla, Sylvie, Zuelia, Zula, Zuhra, Zuly

CharlotteLoretta, Harlow, Primrose, Ottilie, Corliss, Cordelia, Arrow, Lottie, Odette

Briar Rose Blythe Rosamunde, Brynn Rosalie, Bryony Petal, Bronwen Blossom, Aurelia, Fauna, Flora, Merry (Merriweather)

Hannah Bowes, aka hanbow, is based in England and has received an offer to study English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. As a triplet she delights in the art of sibset coherence– whilst keeping the uniqueness of each distinctive petal. Engagement with baby names was an inevitable pastime.

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Linda Rosenkrantz

Linda Rosenkrantz

Linda Rosenkrantz is the co-founder of Nameberry, and co-author with Pamela Redmond of the ten baby naming books acknowledged to have revolutionized American baby naming. You can follow her personally at InstagramTwitter and Facebook. She is also the author of the highly acclaimed New York Review Books Classics novel Talk and a number of other books.