"bright blue enamel"

Cyane Origin and Meaning

The name Cyane is girl's name of Greek origin meaning "bright blue enamel".
Cyane is a mythological Sicilian nymph who lived in a pool and whose name is an intriguing twist on the color name trend.

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Famous People Named Cyane

  • Cynanehalf,sister to Alexander the Great

Cyane in Pop Culture

  • Also pronounced SYa,nee (think "cyanide"), or can rhyme with Diane: sy,ANN. The French pronunciation is see,AHN.
  • The naiad who opposed Hades when he abducted her playmate Persephone. After failing to prevent him from doing soCyane dissolved away in tears, changing into a fountain or spring.
  • Another nymph named Cyanee was mother of the twins Byblis and Caunus.
  • Cyane was also a daughter of Cyanippus.