New Royal Baby Name Contest!

April 8, 2018 Linda Rosenkrantz

It won’t be long now. Though no precise due date has been announced, we do know that the third child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is expected to appear sometime this month, so the arrival of the little brother or sister for George and Charlotte is imminent.

What else do we know? The rumors of possible twins have been quashed by Prince William himself. And though the bookies have been favoring a girl, there are also those who’ve noted that Kate has been wearing an awful lot of blue lately, and are making predictions based on the “boy” position of her bump. So here at Nameberry we’re on full alert for royal baby names of either gender.

In January, British name expert Eleanor Nickerson offered on NB a snapshot of the leading possibilities based on her deep knowledge of royal names, which you can check out here.

But now we want to hear what you think!

Guess the full royal baby name, complete with multiple middles in the correct order, FOR ONE GENDER ONLY, and win this year’s totally unique surprise custom gift for either yourself or your child.

For inspiration, remember that Prince William’s full name is William Arthur Philip Louis and brother Harry is officially Henry Charles Albert David. The Duke and Duchess did make things simpler by paring their children’s names down to two middles: George Alexander Louis and Charlotte Elizabeth Diana—which they well might do again. Or not.

What do you think?

Ground rules: ONE GUESS PER PERSON. That means one name only for either a boy or girl. No duplicates please, because only the first correct guess will win.

As we’ve done before, we’ll keep the contest open until the birth—not the actual name– is announced. No fair guessing after we know the baby’s gender!

If no one guesses the royal baby names in the correct order, the runner-up who comes closest in the opinion of the expert judges (aka Linda and Pam) will receive the prize.


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