Latin, feminine variation of Adrian
"man from Adria"

Adrienne Origin and Meaning

The name Adrienne is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "man from Adria".

A long-integrated French feminine form of Adrian, now overshadowed by the a-ending version, but still a valid option, with considerable substance and dignity—though these days more parents would probably choose Adriana.

Adrienne Rich was an influential twentieth-century poet. Princess Madeleine of Sweden and her American husband Chris O'Neill named their third child Adrienne, giving it fresh royal gloss.

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Adrienne Popularity

Famous People Named Adrienne

  • Adrienne Jo BarbeauAmerican actress
  • Adrienne Cecile RichAmerican poet
  • Adrienne Louise Clarkson26th Governor,General of Canada
  • Adrienne Danielle FrantzAmerican actress
  • Adrienne Eliza BailonAmerican actress, reality show host and singer
  • Adrienne VittadiniHungarian,American fashion designer
  • Adrienne MaloofAmerican reality TV personality ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills")
  • (Marie) Adrienne Françoise de NoaillesMarquise de Lafayette, wife of the Marquis de Lafayette
  • Adrienne BollandFrench test pilot
  • (Ruth) Adrienne (McClure) AmesAmerican actress
  • Adrienne Morrisonmother of actresses Constance, Barbara and Joan Bennett
  • Adrienne "Adie" CampChristian singer,songwriter
  • Adrienne Lau (Nga Wing)Hong Kong,American singer
  • Adrienne
  • Adrienne LecouvreurFrench stage actress
  • Adrienne La RussaAmerican actress
  • Adrienne Josephine AlicePrincess of Sweden, Duchess of Blekinge; daughter of Princess Madeleine
  • Adrienne Ilene Armstrongwife of Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong
  • Adrienne La RossaAmerican actress
  • Adrienne Marsha PostaEnglish actress
  • Adrienne JuligerGerman model
  • Adrienne KingAmerican actress
  • Adrienne ShellyAmerican actress, director, and screenwriter
  • Adrienne KoleszarGerman Policewoman, called "Hottest Cop in Germany"

Adrienne in Pop Culture

  • Adrienne Forrestercharacter in "The Crush"
  • Adriennecharacter on TV's "Life on Mars"
  • Adrienne Frostcharacter in Marvel Comics
  • Adrienne Attomscharacter on Project MC²
  • Adrienne Johnson Kiriakischaracter on American soap opera Days of our Lives
  • "Adrienne"song by American rock band The Calling