Japanese Baby Names

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Japanese baby names are Romanized translations of kanji — the characters used in the Japanese language. Japanese names can be written in multiple combinations of kanji —sometimes hundreds — and the meaning of a name changes depending on which characters are used. The name Kenzo, for example, has meanings related to wisdom, health, or humility when written in different kanji permutations.

Along with Kenzo, other Japanese baby names in the US Top 1000 include Amaya, Kane, Raiden, Asa, Kairi, Koda, Hana, Tori, and Kai. Uncommon Japanese names you may want to consider include Hiro, Naoko, Suki, and Ren — a popular name for boys in Japan.

Japanese baby names are only beginning to be used in the West, as the world becomes smaller and international names become more accepted in most countries. Some Japanese baby names that translate easily to Western culture and language include the following.

Japanese Baby Names

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