Lancelot Origin and Meaning

The name Lancelot is a boy's name of French origin meaning "servant".

In Arthurian legend, Lancelot was one of the most dashing of the Knights of the Round Table who eventually had an affair with Queen Guinevere: it makes for a romantic story-- but perhaps overly romantic-- name.

An older spelling is Launcelot, as seen in Shakespeare's Launcelot Gabbo in The Merchant of Venice and two Tobias Smollett novels.

Short form Lance has had an independent life of his own.

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Famous People Named Lancelot

  • Saint Lancelot AndrewesAnglican bishop who oversaw the translation of the King James Version of the Bible
  • Lancelot "Capability" BrownEnglish landscape architect
  • Lancelot Thomas HogbenEnglish zoologist and statistician
  • Lancelot BlackburneEnglish Archbishop of York and possible pirate
  • Lancelot SpeedEnglish illustrator
  • Lancelot Andrew Noel SlocockEnglish rugby union player
  • Lancelot Eldin "Lance" de MoleAustralian engineer and inventor
  • Sir Lancelot OliphantBritish diplomat
  • Neville Lancelot Goddard (19051972), metaphysical author

Lancelot in Pop Culture

  • Sir Lancelotknight of King Arthur legends
  • Sir Lancelot Sprattirascible surgeon in Richard Gordon's 'Doctor in the House' (1952) and its sequels
  • "Lancelot LinkSecret Chimp," TV series about a talking chimpanzee spy
  • Italian variation: Lancelotto