Seraphim Origin and Meaning

The name Seraphim is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "fiery".

This ephemeral name of the loving angels surrounding the throne of God is all but unheard of in the US, although its feminine forms Seraphine and Seraphina are catching on. In Russia, it's long been in use, spelled Серафим (Serafim).

Seraphim Popularity

Famous People Named Seraphim

  • Saint Seraphim of Sarov (born Prokhor Moshnin)Russian Eastern Orthodox elder
  • Eugene Dennis "Seraphim" RoseAmerican hieromonk of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia
  • Leonid Mikhailovich "Seraphim" ChichagovMetropolitan bishop and martyr of the Russian Orthodox Church

Seraphim in Pop Culture

  • Seraphim Entertainmenta visual novel company