Nordic variation of Vladimir
"great ruler, peaceful ruler, ruler of the world"

Valdemar Origin and Meaning

The name Valdemar is a boy's name of Scandinavian, Swedish origin.

Ten years ago we would have advised people to steer clear of this name (and maybe choose the similar sounding Walter instead); but with the rise of other Nordic and Eastern European names like Viggo and Casimir, maybe its time to re-thing Valdemar. It's a big name, but with enough penache, it could be pulled off. Valdemar was introduced to Scandinavia in the 12th Century by a Danish king named for his Ukrainian grandfather, and is currently in the Danish Top 20.

Valdemar Popularity

Famous People Named Valdemar

  • Valdemar IIV, Kings of Denmark
  • ValdemarKing of Sweden
  • Valdemar of DenmarkDanish bishop
  • Valdemar Einar PsilanderDanish actor
  • Valdemar PoulsenDanish engineer
  • Valdemar Emil KnudsenNorwegian planter in Hawaii

Valdemar in Pop Culture

  • Valdemar series by Mercedes Lackey