"friendly man"

Farquhar Origin and Meaning

The name Farquhar is a boy's name of Scottish origin meaning "friendly man".

Farquhar has a great meaning, but unfortunate potential for mispronunciation. It was originally a given name in the Scottish highlands, but is more commonly known today as a surname. It's occasionally given to children in Scotland, but rarely if ever elsewhere. (And no, the character in Shrek was Lord Farquaad.)

Famous People Named Farquhar

  • Farquhar MacTaggart aka Fearchar mac an tsagairt, 1st Earl of Ross
  • Farquhar McGillivray Strachan Stewart KnowlesAmerican painter
  • Farquhar Robert OliverCanadian politician
  • (Edward) Farquhar Buzzard1st Baronet, English physician
  • Donelson Farquhar HoopesAmerican art curator

Farquhar in Pop Culture

  • Farquharthe butler in "A Woman of No Importance" by Oscar Wilde