"evening, evening star"

Hesperus Origin and Meaning

The name Hesperus is a boy's name meaning "evening, evening star".

Hesperus or Hesperos is a figure in Greek mythology who is the personification of the Evening Star or Venus, the son of the dawn goddess Eos. There's a Longfellow poem about a tragic shipping voyage called The Wreck of the Hesperus. An archaic name that with the revival of many old mythological names might just have a chance at revival.

Hesperus in Pop Culture

  • Hesperusmurderer of his wife, Floribel, in Thomas Lovell Beddoes' play The Bride's Tragedy (1822)
  • Hesperuscharacter in the Ben Jonson play Cynthia's Revels (1601)
  • Dr. Hesperus Chadwickcharacter in Marvel Comics
  • Hesperus (Greek: Hesperos)in Greek mythology is the Evening Star, the planet Venus in the evening; son of the dawn goddess Eos