French variation of Severus; Latin
"stern, serious"

Severin Origin and Meaning

The name Severin is a boy's name of German, French origin meaning "stern, serious".

Severin is an ancient Roman family name borne by several early saints. It's still alive throughout Europe, and could be ready for import here. Severin Winter is a wrestling prodigy character in John Irving's The 158-Pound Marriage and, in its original Latin form, Severus Snape appears in Harry Potter.

Severin Popularity

Famous People Named Severin

  • Saint Severin of Cologne4th century bishop; patron against bad luck and drought
  • Severin Løvenskioldformer Prime Minister of Norway
  • Severin KieferAustrian figure skater
  • Severin FreundGerman ski jumper
  • Severin BlindenbacherSwiss ice hockey player
  • Severin von EckardsteinGerman pianist
  • Severin RoesenGerman,American painter
  • Severin BrowneAmerican singer,songwriter; brother of singer Jackson Browne
  • Severyn NalyvaikoUkrainian Cossack folk hero

Severin in Pop Culture

  • Severin von Kusiemskimain character in novel and song "Venus in Furs," by Leopold von Sacher,Masoch and The Velvet Underground
  • Severin Winterwrestling prodigy in "The 158,Pound Marriage" by John Irving
  • "Severin's Journey into the Dark" novel by Paul Leppin
  • Severin von Phoenixcharacter in manga and anime "Princess Resurrection"
  • Dr. Severincharacter in Star Trek episode "The Way To Eden"
  • SeverinThe Horned Boy, character in Holly Black's "The Darkest Part of the Forest"
  • Severin Unckcharacter in"Radiance" by Catherynne M. Valente
  • Severincharacter in film "Shortbus"