Celebrity Baby Names: Our latest predictions!

Celebrity Baby Names: Our latest predictions!

by Sophie Kihm

A new year, a new crop of celebrity pregnancy announcements. We’re starting 2018 off right with some great ones! Queen Elizabeth is expecting a new great-grandchild (The current batch is illustrated, Mia Tindall holding the Queen‘s purse)__. Hugh Grant as well as Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines will all be adding baby number five to their households this year. America Ferrera is expecting her first child later in 2018, and Pete Wentz is tasked with naming a sister to Bronx Mowgli and Saint Lazslo (what will he choose?)

By the looks of it, 2018 is not going to disappoint when it comes to celebrity baby names. I’ve made some predictions for what those names might be below–how do they compare with yours?

Jamie Lynn Spears and Jamie Watson

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Maddie Briann (previous relationship)

Jamie Lynn Spears (sister of Britney) chose the name Maddie Briann for her daughter back in 2008. That name is relatively restrained for celebrity standards, so I’m not expecting to see anything crazy from Jamie and Jamie for this next baby. If it’s a girl, I think a well-liked, feminine name is in order. For a boy, something nickname-y or a modern classic.

Girl: Bella, Chloe, Elle, Grace, Isla, Lily, Nora, Ruby, Scarlett, Sienna

Boy: Charlie, Grant, Jack, Jude, Liam, Logan, Luke, Noah, Wyatt, Zeke

*Update* It’s a girl—Ivey Joan!

America Ferrera and Ryan Piers Williams

Gender: unknown

Siblings: none

Sometimes when someone has an “extreme” name (either extremely popular or extremely unusual), they give their child a name completely different from their own. Such might be the case with America Ferrera. She recently told Stephen Colbert that she wouldn’t be naming her baby after a “land mass or an idea.” That makes me think she is looking at more well-known, perhaps even ordinary name for her son or daughter.

Girl: Celeste, Eleanor, Esme, Isabel, Lucy, Luna, Maya, Mila, Tessa, Viola

Boy: Arlo, George, Jasper, Jonas, Leo, Nico, Sebastian, Theodore, Wesley

*Update* Hello, Sebastian Piers!

Meagan Camper and Pete Wentz

Gender: girl

Siblings: Bronx Mowgli (previous relationship), Saint Lazslo

Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz is known for giving his children out-there names. He and his partner Meagan Camper are expecting their first daughter, and the possibilities for her name are endless. My guess is that they’ll go with another word name for her–possibly one of the following:

Girl: Coco, Marvel, Navy, Olympia, Pixie, Roux, Sparrow, Spring, Velvet

*Update* Wow, I called this one—baby girl is Marvel Jane!

Joanna and Chip Gaines

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Drake, Ella Rose, Duke, Emmie Kay

HGTV power-couple Chip and Joanna Gaines are expecting baby number five, but they have a pretty limited name pool for him or her. Each of their daughters has a two syllable E name with a single-syllable middle name, and each of their sons has a single-syllable D name with a “K” sound at the end. Can Chip and Joanna find another name within these tight parameters, or is something going to give?

Girl: Eddie, Eden, Edie, Effie, Elin, Esme, Estelle, Eva, Evangeline, Evie

Boy: Dakota, Dallas, Dane, Dash, Dax, Dean, Decker, Drew, Dustin, Dylan

*Update* Not another D name—welcome Crew!

Zara and Mike Tindall

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Mia

Zara Tindall is pregnant with her second child—so what is a name fit for the Queen of England‘s great-grandchild? They went with Mia the first time around—a short and sweet name that feels right at home in Great Britain. I’m expecting something similar for their next baby—something trim and polished, but with plenty of style.

Girl: Ada, Anna, Eliza, Ella, Emma, Grace, Hallie, Iris, Marnie, Nora, Sadie

Boy: Arthur, Eli, Finn, Hugo, Jude, Lenny, Max, Miles, Ralph, Rex, Teddy

*Update* Another girl—Lena Elizabeth!

Haylie Duff and Matt Rosenberg

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Ryan Ava Erhard

Haylie Duff and Matt Rosenberg paired the masculine Ryan with the ultra-feminine, vintage Ava for their first-born daughter. Will we see a similar pattern with their second baby—two names that fall on opposite ends of the spectrum, yet work surprisingly well together? I suspect we might.

Girl: Addison, Blake, Eden, Greer, Kennedy, Logan, Piper, Quinn, Reese

Boy: Brady, Carter, Gray, Kieran, Kingston, Luca, Maddox, Royce, Walker

*Update* Welcome, Lulu Gray!

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo

Gender: unknown

Siblings: none

Jinger Duggar is known as the most stylish sister among the Duggar family, so I’m hoping that translates into baby names as well. Lately her sisters have been choosing more traditional names for their sons (Henry and Samuel), but maybe we’ll see something a bit more daring—but still Biblical—from Jinger and Jeremy.

Girl: Abra, Atara, Chloe, Keturah, Mary, Phoebe, Priscilla, Rebekah, Salome

Boy: Abner, Asa, Charles, Daniel, Jude, Lazarus, Malachi, Phineas, Tobiah

*Update* A virtue name—Felicity Nicole!

Anna Eberstein and Hugh Grant

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Tabitha Xaio Xi, Felix Chang Hong (previous relationship), John Mungo, Daughter (name not released)

Even though Hugh Grant hasn’t publicly revealed the name of his youngest child, I am holding out hope that we get to hear the name of his fifth baby! Based on the names of his children that we do know, I’d wager that this baby will have a fashionable, vintage-inspired name that possibly honors a relative of Hugh or Anna.

Girl: Alice, Clarissa, Cornelia, Eliza, Helena, Juliet, Lydia, Rose, Susanna

Boy: Anton, Benedict, Charles, Finn, Graham, Henry, James, Miles, Oliver

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