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Velvet Origin and Meaning

The name Velvet is girl's name of English origin.
Velvet is a name that couldn't possibly be softer or more luxuriant. Many people have fond memories of it via the character of Velvet Brown, played by the young Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet, an intrepid young woman willing to masquerade as a boy to race her horse in a dangerous steeplechase.

Velvet actually had a brief sojourn on the Social Security list, from 1961 to 1964. Now, double trending as both a 'V' name and a word name might give Velvet a boost.

Velvet Popularity

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Famous People Named Velvet

  • Velvetstage name of Jenny Marielle Pettersson, Swedish pop singer

Velvet in Pop Culture

  • Velvet Browncharacter in book/film "National Velvet"
  • Velvet UndergroundAmerican rock band
  • Velvetprincess of a fallen country in the video game Odin Sphere
  • Velvet Polendinarabbit faunus in the webshow "RWBY" by RoosterTeeth
  • Velvetspy nickname of Liselle, a character in the Malloreon series by David Eddings
  • Violet Velvetone of the fairies from TV series "Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom"
  • Velvet (Velveteen) Vargasmain female character in 'The Mare', by Mary Gaitskill
  • Twilight Velvet Sparklecharacter in "My Little Pony" series