Celebrity Baby Names: Brand New Predictions!

Celebrity Baby Names: Brand New Predictions!

by Sophie Kihm

I’ve been making predictions on Nameberry long enough now that I’m forecasting names of the younger siblings of children whose names I’ve predicted before. Such is the case with Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. In my very first set of predictions for Nameberry, almost two years ago, I suggested potential names for their baby who was eventually dubbed Luna Simone. Now they are expecting baby number two, and I get to try my hand once again!

Likewise, I predicted (correctly, I might add) the name of Hilaria and Alec Baldwin‘s second son back in April of 2016. They recently announced that they will be having another baby boy in 2018, so we’ll see if I can get his name right as well.

Bethany Hamilton and Adam Dirks

Gender: unknown

Sibling: Tobias

Faith is very important to Bethany Hamilton and Adam Dirks, so it was no surprise when they gave their son the biblical name Tobias in 2015. Now that they are expecting their second child, it’s almost a given that his or her name will also have biblical and religious significance.

Girl: Abigail, Ada, Eve, Dinah, Lillith, Naomi, Ruth, Susannah, Tabitha

Boy: Abel, Ezekiel, Ezra, Gideon, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Judah, Nathaniel

*Update* It’s a boy—Wesley Phillip!

Crystal Smith and Ne-Yo

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Madilyn Grace, Mason Evan (previous relationship), Shaffer Chimere Jr.

Although Ne-Yo‘s youngest son is a junior with an uncommon name, his older two children have names that rank pretty high on the popularity charts. That makes me think that his next child will have a name more in line with his or her half siblings, rather than their brother. I like the idea of honoring Crystal with the name Gemma if the baby is a girl—it’s a subtle honor name, but works well with the blended sibset.

Girl: Arianna, Aubrey, Chloe, Gemma, Georgia, Kylie, Savannah, Sofia, Zoey

Boy: Asher, Camden, Carter, Jackson, Landon, Logan, Luke, Nolan, Owen

*Update* It’s a boy—Roman Alexander-Raj

Hannah and Eddie Redmayne

Gender: unknown

Sibling: Iris Mary

Iris Mary is a sweet and understated name, which is quite rare for celebrities these days, yet not a surprising choice for Hannah and Eddie Redmayne (shown), who keep very quiet about their private lives. It’s likely that their next child will be given a name with a similar feel—something vintage, slightly British, and not too outlandish.

Girl: Clara, Coralie, Gloria, Lydia, Matilda, May, Phoebe, Ruby, Vivian, Willa

Boy: Callum, George, Henry, James, Miles, Oliver, Peter, Reid, Simon, Spencer

*Update* Welcome, Luke Richard!

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin

Gender: boy

Siblings: Ireland (previous relationship), Carmen Gabriela, Rafael Thomas, Leonardo Ángel Charles

It’s the third boy in a row for the Baldwins, and rumor has it they’re sticking with the same theme for this baby—romantic Latinate names. There are plenty of stunning options to choose from, so even if they were to have three more boys, the inspiration won’t run dry.

Boy: Antonio, Diego, Domenico, Eduardo, Francisco, Joaquin, Pablo, Ramon, Salvador, Sandro

*Update* Baby boy is Romeo Alejandro David!

Tia Mowry and Cory Hardrict

Gender: unknown

Sibling: Cree Taylor

Cree is a modern and unexpected name for a son. Yet though it sounds like it would fit in perfectly on almost any playground,  it’s rare to find Cree in a baby name book. It can be hard to find names in that sweet spot, but I’m certain Tia Mowry and Cory Hardrict will hit the nail on the head once again with baby number two.

Girl: Aura, Bay, Coco, Echo, Ever, Indie, Moon, Season, Sol, Zuly

Boy: Beck, Blue, Bram, Dax, Ford, Joss, Link, Quince, Rex, Van

*Update* A girl—Cairo Tiahna!

Jordin Sparks and Dana Isaiah

Gender: unknown

Siblings: none

Jordin Sparks and her husband Dana Isaiah are both quite religious. But unlike Bethany Hamilton, I don’t think they will go the traditional biblical name route. Something contemporary feels much more appropriate for this couple, perhaps a fresh spiritual or virtuous name for their son or daughter.

Girl: Easter, Eden, Faith, Galilee, Grace, Heaven, Keziah, Mercy

Boy: Boaz, Ezekiel, Jethro, Jude, Justice, Loyal, True, Trust, Zion

*Update* Hello, Dana Isaiah Jr.!

Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel

Gender: girl

Sibling: Flynn Christopher (previous relationship)

Almost seven years ago, Miranda Kerr and then-partner Orlando Bloom named their son Flynn, helping to catapult the name into the Top 1000. Now Miranda is expecting a girl—and I’m hoping she and husband Evan Spiegel will choose a similarly dashing, under-the-radar name for their daughter.

Girl: Blythe, Bryony, Darcy, Harlow, Laney, Lark, Romy, Ruby, Waverly

*Update* The rumors were wrong–it’s a boy! Welcome, Hart!

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Gender: unknown

Sibling: Luna Simone

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are about to become parents of two! I feel confident about my grasp on their girl name style, but if their baby is a boy, who knows what they’ll pair with Luna? I could foresee them going in a few different directions, like music-inspired (Miles), word names (Gray, Wolf), or modern (Arlo, Knox). They gave their older daughter the very well-received name Luna Simone, so either way, I have no doubt that they’ll hit all the style marks again.

Girl: Celeste, Cleo, Coco, Elle, Esme, Fleur, Nova, Scarlett, Wren, Zadie

Boy: Arlo, Gray, Knox, Miles, Remington, River, Rocco, Wilder, Wolf

*Update* An on-the-nose prediction—welcome, Miles Theodore!

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