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Unique Baby Names in the News

By Clare Green

This week’s news includes unique baby names, the hottest names in Switzerland, celebrity baby names that make a statement, and parents who changed their baby names to keep their families happy…would you?

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15 Stellar Astronomy Baby Names

By Clare Green

If you’ve ever looked up in wonder at the night sky, or tried to pick out the constellations, you may be considering astronomy baby names. There are galaxies of possibilities, ranging from the names of moons, stars and planets, to choices inspired by famous astronomers and space exploration.

Whether you’re an astrophysicist or just love watching the skies, here are 15 of the most stellar astronomy-inspired names.

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Celebrity Baby Names

By Clare Green

Celebrity baby names in this week’s news includes two very different boy names, and lots of stories about how names shape our identity…and maybe even the way we look!

Celebrity baby names: Winter and Bruce

Celebrity baby names feature in this week’s high-profile baby boy name announcements, with two that are almost polar opposites, but equally stylish and meaningful.

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Unique Boy Names

a Name Sage post by: Abby View all Name Sage posts

They like unique boy names and are thinking of naming their new son Oak. But much as they love the name, there are some challenges that might push them in a different direction.

Chantel writes:

We are team green for baby #3, due in October. We currently have one of each: Elowyn Magnolia and Arthur Jack Ruger. Our girl name is picked out, but we’re having a harder time choosing for a boy.

Our son’s first two names are honor names. Ruger is a fun little add-on.

Right now, we are thinking Oak Garcia Crockett if it’s a boy. I also like Wulfric, Walton, Hendrix, Indigo, Harrison, Floyd, Ruben, Morrison, and Merritt as middle names. And I’m wavering on Oak. We know we won’t use Oaklee or Oakley.

Mostly I’m wondering: is Oak too similar, as we often call our older son Arthur Jack. And should we use a longer middle name, or just stick with two middles again?

I would love a few more suggestions to think about!

The Name Sage replies:

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by Emma Waterhouse

Fantasy baby names for your own hypothetical starbaby is the focus of today’s Question of the week.

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