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100+ Boys’ Names You Don’t Know

unique boy names

by Pamela Redmond Satran

These rare baby names are the boys’ answer to the 100+ obscure girls’ names we brought you last week.

This A to Z collection of more than 100 highly unusual names for boys includes international choices and names from familiar sources like the Bible, ancient names along with names that are  newly-minted.

What they have in common, besides the fact that you’ve probably never heard them? They’re all names you should know and — if you’re truly adventurous — may even want to use. Which of these rare boys’ names would you pick, if this were the entire universe of names?

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100+ Girl Names You Don’t Know

by Esmeralda Rocha

How do we know that you don’t know these rare baby names for girls?

Because we didn’t know them either, most of them, anyway. These unusual girls’ names come from all over the world, inspired by nature, mythology, art, and beyond.

We bet that most of these secret baby name gems will be a refreshing discoveries for you. Most did not appear at all on the US popular names list in 2016, which means they were given to fewer than five babies, and those names that did appear were used for only a handful of babies.

Will you break that trend and use one of these rare and unique girls’ names for your baby? Which would you use, if only you were brave enough?

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Unique Twin Names

unique twin names

Naming twins might be one of the biggest challenges and greatest pleasures for a baby namer.

Many parents naming twins default to the obvious choices like Emma and Eva or Jackson and Jonathan.

But what if you want unique twin names that are connected and compatible yet not too obvious or cutesy? Meaning: Jupiter and Mars, no; Jupiter and Juniper, still no. But Jupiter and Freya? Now you’re talking.

What are you cleverest, most creative ideas for unique twin names?

Give us names for two girls, two boys, or a mixed set, as long as they’re unique and fun. And if the connection isn’t obvious, enlighten us!


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Undiscovered British Baby Names

British baby names

by Pamela Redmond

English baby names are as different in Great Britain and the US as they are alike.

If that statement is confusing, consider that parents in both the US and in England and Wales share five girls’ names and two for boys in their Top 10 lists. Favored by both nations are Olivia, Emily, Isabella, Ava, and Mia for girls, Jacob and Noah for boys.

There are hundreds more names that rank among the Top 1000 in both Britain and the US. And then there are hundreds more that remain relatively undiscovered by the other country.

We surveyed the Top 1000 British baby names to find the 185 names — 78 British names for girls and 107 British names for boys — that we consider undiscovered in the US. Sure, American parents may have heard many of these names, but they’re not using them in the same numbers as British parents for their babies.

The main types of English names undiscovered in the US are:

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Boy Baby Names: More hidden gems

By Linda Rosenkrantz

Last week we looked at some rarely used, quasi-unique girls’ names, unearthing such surprising rarities as Amabel, Rosamund and Rosamond, and Eleanora. Today, as promised, we do the same for the boys, presenting a dozen names each that were given to only nine, eight, seven, six or five girls across the country in 2016.

This time around, the choices might not have as much of an unexpected impact, but they are all substantial and usable choices that would definitely make your son stand out.

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