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Bold Girl Names in this Week’s Name News

By Clare Green

The news this week includes all kinds of bold girl names, cross-cultural name controversy, and babies named after trees, tropical storms and fast food.

Daring girl names: Banks, Myrtle, Annelil

There have been lots of bold baby girl names in the news, both from celebs and the rest of the world.

For many parents, Banks is still rather an edgy choice for a boy: a preppy surname in the style of Brooks and Wells, but less popular. For showbiz couple Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma, it’s a girl’s name: their newborn daughter is Banks Violet.

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By John Kelly

Ghouls and goblins don’t exactly make for the best namesakes, but we still wanted to get into the Halloween spirit. So, we’ve conjured up just that: Some baby names with “soulful” roots that may keep you up at night not with trepidation, but inspiration.


Enid has a vintage sound, which just might her fresh again. From the Welsh for “soul” or “life,” Enid is the beautiful lover of Geraint, a king and warrior storied in Arthurian legend. She is #637 on 2017’s Top 1000 girl names, down from her all-time high at #420 in 1920, when she graced the name of several starlets of the silent screen. Enid shares the nostalgic appeal of the more voguish Eleanor and Evelyn.

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10th Anniversary: Nameberry Goes Global!

By Esmeralda Rocca

Nameberry is loved by users from all over the world, and our database of over 70,000 baby names reflects the diversity of you – our audience. Today we continue our 10 year anniversary celebrations by looking at the international names that we’ve discovered and loved over the last 10 years.

THE SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP – names Americans have borrowed from the UK and Ireland

The US and the UK have often looked to each other for name inspiration and the past decade has been no different. Here are some of the names that have long been popular across the pond that have rocketed up the US popularity lists since 2008 – some still remain off the Top 1000 in the US but have found hundreds more US admirers in recent years.

Here are 10 girl and 10 boy names and the percentage of how they have increased since 2008:

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10 Years of Beautiful Babyberry Names

baby girl names

By Emma Waterhouse

A look back at a decade of brilliant baby names, Nameberry style!

It all started with V…

Way back in November 2008, we proudly shared the first ever Babyberry birth announcement: a little girl given the beautiful name Vera Adelaide. Her parents had fallen in love with Vera after stumbling across it on our site, but they were concerned that it might feel too “great-grandma-ish”, having dropped out of the US Top 1000 a quarter century before. But the Berry consensus was that it was a fresh, appealing vintage choice, ripe for revival.

Fast-forward ten years, and how right you were! Elegant international beauty Vera now sits serenely up at #278, and she’s still rising steadily.

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The Decade’s Hottest Baby Name Trends

baby name trends

by Joe Satran

At Nameberry, we use a combination of data and cultural information to identify current baby name trends and predict future ones. So for our 10th anniversary, we undertook the massive project of comparing how many babies in the US were given which names 10 years ago compared with today. Then we calculated which names had increase the most in usage, and from there extrapolated the five major naming trends of the decade.

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