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Stars are not just like us when it comes to baby names. They’re nothing like us, in fact. They’re more innovative, coming up with wholly new names like Chicago, Suri and Rumi for their kids. They’re bolder, often picking names that are far outside the mainstream. And they really love using names with ties to Hollywood.

Case in point: On February 15, The Blast revealed that Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul and his wife Lauren Parsekian had named their newborn daughter Story Annabelle. For  almost any other couple, this would be a daring, even outrageous, name choice. Only 68 baby girls in the U.S. were named Story in 2016 — fewer than were named AriesTimber or Yocheved. But in Hollywood, the land of storytelling, there’s nothing strange about naming a baby Story. At least two other celebrity couples beat the Pauls to the punch.

Story is far from alone. It’s just one of the many weird names that celebrities are obsessed with. Nameberry analyzed thousands of names in our database of celebrity kids names to identify those that were given to multiple Starbabies despite being relatively unpopular in the country at large. The 20 names below were each given to at least three children of celebrities but were not among the Top 300 baby names for either sex in 2016, the most recent year on record. That means that they’re all given to fewer than 1000 babies per year — often many fewer. Just 60 newborn girls in the entire country were named Coco in 2016, for example. But they’re definitely names to watch going forward — once a few celebrities use a name, there’s a good chance that civilians will follow.

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By Linda Rosenkrantz

January was a month when some especially unusual and creative names landed on our berrybaby birth announcements—and for their siblings as well. For girls alone we saw Ezrie, Islington, Yvaine, Oswin, Dorthea, Elia, and Salomea, while boys included Callister, Isao, Ender, Maximo, Forde and Ransom.

Here’s the full list—and don’t forget to tell us your faves in the comments and in particular how you like those you may not have heard before.

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A sincere thank you to all the berries who submitted entries to this year’s Nameberry Invent-a-Name contest—all 244 of you. We were overwhelmed by not only the creativity and originality of the names themselves (giving us lots of new submission ideas for the NB database), but also the thoughtfulness of the reasoning behind them, and the overriding optimism for the improved state of the world in 2018 expressed by so many of you!

Among those under consideration were cool place names like Zealand and Zurich, word names including Veranda, Zenith and Truce, and some very usable smooshes like Miralba, Ellisander and Ellanova. More than one person suggested Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Alabanza.

So choosing the winners was a far from easy task, leading to some spirited discussion among us. But here they are, with the reasoning behind them.

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60 Highly Unusual Names Ready to Pop

unusual baby names 2018

Which unusual baby names today are most likely to be the hit names of the future?

We looked at Nameberry’s statistics for the past month versus the same period a year ago and put together this list of 60 names – 25 for girls, 25 for boys, and 10 unisex – that are attracting the most fresh attention among our visitors.

This is the most unique group of hot names we’ve discovered yet, with baby namers showing a strong appetite for the exotic, the unfamiliar, and the adventurous.

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Unusual Baby Names: Aries to Zebedee

By Clare Bristow

As we wait with bated breath to find out what Kim and Kanye will call North and Saint’s new sister, here are some less high-profile name news stories. They include rarities spotted in birth announcements, what’s hot in Portugal and the Netherlands, and colorful names inspired by American states.

Below-the-radar names: Zailey and Lae

This week I’ve spotted a few one-of-a-kind names in birth stories. They may not be strictly unique, but it’s always nice to see parents using names that you won’t find on any popularity charts.

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