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Great Girl Names: I spy with my little I

By Linda Rosenkrantz

I never cease to be intrigued by the fact that no only do names go in and out of style, but letters do too.  And especially vowels.  And especially vowels at the start of names.

We’ve had a long period of names, particularly girls’ names, beginning with the letter A, which was followed by E-names for both girls and boys, and lately parents have been showing their love for names started with O.

But the letter I has had a pretty paltry presence on the SSA list. There are only 16 I-initialed girls name out of the 1000 total, and of those, four are Isabel-related, and just Iris, Ivy and Isla in the Top 150, and Ingrid and Iliana just hanging in in the Top 900s.

But there are still a number of I candidates for success—or there for the taking for those avoiding popular examples.  Here are some recommended off-list possibilities:

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by Joe Satran

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains some spoilers for Game of Thrones through the end of season 7. Read at your own risk!

HBO’s Game of Thrones is so popular that it verges on national myth. Everyone, it seems, knows the bare outlines of the series. And for millions of viewers, it’s a more familiar story than the Bible. Few other fictional worlds this side of Harry Potter have had its cultural impact.

A lot of the show’s appeal derives from its fully thought-out, immersive world. Every facet of the universe was designed with care by George R.R. Martin, the writer of the book series on which HBO based its show. And baby names are no exception. Martin devised a whole new world of baby names for his books — one loosely based on, but by no means contiguous with, our own. The character names in the A Song of Ice and Fire series are as distinctive as those of any fictional world since Lord of the Rings.

Most of Martin‘s characters’ names are based on specific names in the real world, but they usually have a slight tweak — anything from one letter changed or added to a new suffix. The final season of the show won’t air until mid-2019, but to help you through the lull, we’ve decided to do a full analysis of 51 prominent names from the world of Game of Thrones. Click through below to find out which Game of Thrones names are usable in the real world — and which ones definitely aren’t.

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By Katinka

This week’s name news includes a bumper crop of beautiful birth announcements, some great names inspired by not-so-great circumstances, and the thorny issue of baby names and social class.

 Brilliant Birth Announcements

It’s been a week of wild and wonderful birth announcements, from the beautifully named Babyberries of July to Elea’s ever-enthralling roundup of British baby names announced this week — highlights include a boy called Tarka, a girl named Xenia, and triplets William, James and… wait for it… Maximus!)

Not to be outshone, celebrity parents have also given us a whole host of stylishly named new arrivals this week — and some superb sibsets, too.

Comedian Kenan Thompson’s new daughter Gianna Michelle joined big sister Georgia Marie; TV personality Erica Rose also welcomed a second daughter, Aspen (her first is named Holland); and actress Alex Murrel chose the “strong” name Kase Robert for her second son, brother to Levi William. And the very newest arrival is the daughter of singer-songwriter Joy Williams, Poppy Louise, who joins big brother Miles Alexander.

Meanwhile, two famous families welcomed their first babies this week — and they’ve clearly been spending some time on Nameberry! Fitness coach Joe Wicks and his girlfriend Rosie named their newborn daughter Indie, and British socialite Tamara Beckwith became a first-time grandmother to little Luna Mae (her own children are the rather fabulous Anouska, Violet and Vero).

Congratulations all round!

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100 Fantastic Underused Names

By Esmeralda Rocha

We’ve run a few blogs recently on unusual names – from intrepid inventions to rare nature names. The names covered in this blog are rare, too, but with a difference: they’re names that you’ve definitely heard of and, to be honest, are probably surprised were so low down in the charts (each was given to fewer than 170 children in the US in 2017; most went to fewer than 50).

Parents are often looking for names that are “wearable”, “traditional” or familiar but not overused – if you count yourself among this group, this may be the most useful list of the year!

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By Katinka

 This week’s name news includes some of the most eccentric appellations we’ve ever encountered, from siblings named after subatomic particles to some very creative name changes.

 Bold is the Word

 It’s no secret that word names are big right now — big, bold, and sometimes brazen.

From Rebel and Rocket to Saint and Sir, celebrities have long been leading the charge on statement-making word names, and although this trend has now entered the mainstream, the seemingly endless options never cease to surprise!

This week has seen the announcements of two high-profile new arrivals with sweet and striking word names.

Congratulations to Michael Bublé and his wife Louisa Lopilato, who welcomed daughter Vida Amber Betty last Wednesday. Her lively first name — which means “life” in mom’s native Spanish — feels like a fresh yet fashionable choice, having held steady between 100 and 200 births per year in the US since 2009. And vibrant Vida last enjoyed a modest run of popularity in the 1910s-1930s, making it an unexpected vintage pick, too!

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