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Top Baby Names 2020

baby names 2020

by Pamela Redmond

The top baby names 2020 feature a host of names that went virtually unused a generation ago. These include newly-minted names, rediscovered antiques, plus names imported from around the world.

We predict 2020’s top baby names by calculating which names saw the biggest increases in interest from Nameberry readers so far this year compared with last year.

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by Emma Waterhouse

This week’s name news includes baby name trends, some stunning “sweet spot” starbaby names, the thorny issue of baby name theft, and a celebration of unique baby names of all shapes, sizes and sources.

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by Sophie Kihm

As the Future Baby Name Guru to the Stars, celebrity baby names are always on my mind. I keep my eye on all the pregnancy rumors (can it please be true that Kate Middleton is having twins?), and I’ve been known to react to birth announcements at inopportune times (sorry, Professor)—because yeah, I have starbaby push notifications on my phone.

So which celebrities am I especially excited about this month? For starters, Alec and Hilaria Baldwin (shown) . Their supersized sibset is so chic and well-coordinated (not to mention artistic!)—they’re basically my prognostication dream. I’m also looking forward to Rachel Bloom. She’s having a baby girl—her first!—and I think she’ll choose something fun and playful for her name.

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Twin Baby Names

by Sophie Kihm

Twin baby names. If you were having twins, what would you name them? It can be a tricky task, especially if you already have other children. There’s pressure for twins’ names to sound good in the twinset and in the broader sibset. But for some this can make it easier—if you already have an established style for your children’s names, you can narrow down your options.

Two celebrity couples this month are expecting twins—Morgan and Bode Miller and Cayley Stoker and Brandon Jenner. They each have older children, so I’m excited to see how their twins’ names fit into their sibsets. Many other celebrities are having singletons, including DJ Khaled, Quentin Tarantino, and Milla Jovovich. What do you think they’ll name their babies? Tell me your picks in the comments.

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Scandinavian Boy Names: A Hot New Trend

by Linda Rosenkrantz

Scandinavian boy names—except for Eric—have not had a great track record in the US. But change is definitely in the air.

Thanks to the confluence of some media celebrities and starbabies (Will Ferrell and his Swedish wife Vivica Paulin alone have three sons with Scandinavian names), literary sensations, etc, there’s some definite Nordic noise happening. Some of these Scandinavian boy names have already registered on the national list and some have only resonated with Nameberries so far. Here are some Nordic names to watch.


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