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The Top Baby Names of 2019….so far

top baby names 2019

by Pamela Redmond

Nameberry’s list of top baby names 2019 is in for the first quarter of the year, with two surprising new names at the top.  

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by Sophie Kihm

Creating a coordinated sibset for celebrity babies and everyone else can be hard enough, but when the siblings in question are half-siblings, it’s even harder. A new partner means a new set of opinions and ideas to account for, so frequently sibset cohesion is a preference that gets discarded in favor of an eclectic sibset (nothing wrong with that!).

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Cool Boy Names

cool boy names

by Pamela Redmond

Cool boy names have one thing in common: They tend to be part of a pack of other cool boy names. Like actual cool boys, cool boy names tend to hang out in a gang with other boys’ names that have a similar look and feel.

If you’re a parent in search of a cool, unique name for your baby boy, this is good news. If you’re not crazy about one of these boys’ names, you might find another choice in the same style that fits better.

Here are 25 of the coolest names for boys, and the brother names in the same group that carry the same kind of cool..


brothers: Arden, Whit, Whitman

Cool boy name Auden has the stylish A beginning and the trendy two-syllable, n-ending rhythm. It’s also the surname of poet W. H. (for Wystan Hugh) Auden. That makes Whitman, for poet Walt, a cool stand-in, especially given its supercool nickname Whit. And the gender-neutral Arden is Auden‘s almost-identical twin, with its poetic similarity to the passionate word ardent.


Brother: Blaze

Many might reverse the standing of these two sound-alike names, but we prefer the ancient saints’ name Blaise, which actually means to lisp or stammer, to the modern word name Blaze. Either choice is, um, hot as well as cool.


Brothers: Dylan, Elvis, Lennon

The name Bowie shot up the charts with the death of rocker David Bowie, but Dylan remains cool despite its long-standing popularity, Elvis is usable despite its enduring attachment to The King, and Lennon works well for both boys and (increasingly) girls.


Brothers: Cassian, Casimir

Cool boy name Cassius is an ancient Roman name best-known in the modern US as the birth name of boxer Muhammad Ali. Almost any name beginning with the Cas sound seems to be cool these days for boys as well as girls. Unique saints’ name Cassian is a cool alternative, as is the dashing Polish royal name Casimir.


Brothers: Bear, Wolf

Fox wins the animal name cool contest by virtue of its double-meaning of good-looking or hot. But Bear is cuddly and adorable and Wolf lean and aggressive. Pick your animal image.


Brothers: Finn, Sawyer, Hank

Cool boys’ name Huck, as in classic American literary hero Huck Finn, is both down-to-earth and full of attitude. Huck‘s surname Finn and the surname of his sidekick Sawyer are both popular yet remain cool, while Hank carries the same earthy nickname-name image and sound as Huck.

cool boy names


Brothers: Mercury, Thor

Mythological and celestial names are both hot, and the name of benevolent planet Jupiter comes complete with appealing nickname Jupe. Mercury is another god and planet name that works for boys, while the Norse Thor is rising along with the visibility of the cinematic superhero.


Brother: Justice

Like Blaise and Blaze, Justus and Justice are identical-sounding names with different origins, though in this case they share an appealing meaning, “just”. We prefer the deeply-rooted Justus, a New Testament name and name of several saints, but the word name Justice is strong and modern.


Brothers: Lazer, Laszlo, Eleazar

The Biblical Lazarus, who rose from the dead, is well-known, but his new cool as a name is thanks to that appealing Laz syllable. Lazarus, Lazer, and Eleazar are all forms of the same name, while the Hungarian Laszlo, famous via the classic film Casablanca, has a different meaning and root.


Brothers: Leo, Teo, Theo

The Germanic Leopold is one of those so-uncool-it’s-cool names, and comes with the user-friendly short form Leo, cousin to the trendy twins Teo and Theo.


Brothers: Link, McKinley, Truman

Presidential name Lincoln has had a renaissance since the Stephen Spielberg film. Nickname Link is from The Mod Squad. McKinley and Truman are other unique Presidential choices, but that august group is rich with possibilities.


Brothers: Cyrus, Aurelius

Seemingly all boys’ names ending in -us, a form rooted in the ancient world, are cool and on-trend. The Linus of Greek myth was the inventor of rhythm and melody, and in the Christian world Linus has been a pope’s name. Linus is a Top 50 name in several European countries. Cyrus and Aurelius are just two of the many other us-ending names worth consideration.

cool boy names


Brothers: Lucian, Luca

Is Lucius so appealing because it sounds like luscious? Or is it just part of our gender-neutral love of so many Luc-beginning, light-meaning names, starting with Lucas and Lucy? The new cool guys in town include Lucius, Lucian (or Lucien, the French spelling), and Luca.


Brothers: Mack and Mac

McCoy is cool partly by virtue of its relationship to authenticity, via the saying The Real McCoy, and partly because of namesake, jazz great McCoy Tyner. It’s also got cool guy nickname Mac or Mack, which is the newer Zack and the more distinctive Jack.


Brothers: Elio, Milo, Orlando

We’ve been trumpeting the cool of o-ending names for boys for literally decades now, and Nico may be the coolest of this cool class. Other alternatives include the friendly Milo, sunny Elio, and romantic Orlando. But there are hundreds of great o-ending names for boys.


Brothers: Otto, Omar

The O beginning makes Otis cool, as does namesake blues musician Otis Redding. Other O-beginning four-letter names for boys that carry the same brand of cool are Otto and Omar.


Brothers: Osiris, Oz

Ozias carries at least four kinds of cool: the o beginning, z in the middle, s ending, and ancient roots. Ozias, also spelled Osias, is a Biblical name, while brother name Osiris was an Egyptian god-king who died and was reborn every year. Oz is the extra-cool nickname for either and can also stand on its own.


Brothers: Quincy, Quinton

Quentin is a Latin saint’s name that relates to the number 5, as do Quincy and Quinton. The name can be spelled several different ways, all cool.

cool boy names


Brother: Chance

Ransom is handsome and, let’s face it, sounds like the name of the bad boy hero of a cowboy romance novel. If you like your cool risky, Ransom and Chance may appeal to you.


Brothers: Rock, Rocky, Stone

Rocco is well-used in English-speaking countries, but retains its tough-guy old world Latin kind of cool. Equally tough and cool relatives include Rock, Rocky, and Stone.


Brothers: Romeo, Romulus

Romeo is romantic, an emotional name that carries a warm kind of cool. All three names relate to the city of Rome, so may be a subtle way to honor an Italian heritage or love of the country and culture.


Brothers: Noble, Loyal

Word name Royal got a shot of cool via the Wes Anderson film The Royal Tenenbaums, Royal being both an adjective meaning patrician and the first name of the paterfamilias. Other word names that do something similar are Noble and Loyal. All can also be used for girls.


Brother: Booker

There are lots of -er-ending occupational names in vogue for boys now, but Sayer and Booker are the two coolest. In fact, we couldn’t decide which to put first. Both relate to writing, but Sayer may also mean woodcutter ala Sawyer.


Brothers: Wes, Weston, Wesley

Cowboys probably have more to do than Kanye with the new cool of the boys’ name West, but both influences together vault it to prominence. West may be short for Weston or stand on its own; same with Wes and Wesley.


Brothers: Wiley, Wilder, Wild

Wylie and Wiley are surname names with attitude that may derive from the first name William and make distinctive spins on that classic choice. Wiley, Wilder, and Wild are also word names with renegade meanings that can be cool names for boys.

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Your Most Surprising Future Top Baby Names?

We recently shared our predictions for the Top 10 baby names of 2028, based on statistical analysis of the annual Social Security data.

According to our projections, three new girl names and a whopping seven new boy names will be among those occupying the top spots in a decade’s time: Harper, Aria and Sofia; Mateo, Maverick, Lincoln, Lucas, Henry, Theodore and Jaxon.

Some of them might feel like surprising chart-topping choices — the very literally “nonconformist” Maverick in the Top 10, really? — but none of them feels outrageously outré. In fact, all rank comfortably within the current US Top 100.

But how about the mega-popular monikers that no one saw coming? Names like Dewey, which between 1888 and 1898 leapt from #815 to #19, or Jaime, which rose from #813 in 1966 to #29 in 1976 — or even Harper itself, which shot from #887 to #11 between 2004 and 2014. Names that seemingly came from nowhere and stormed their way up the charts.

So, crystal balls at the ready! For today’s Question of the Week, we want to hear your dark horse nominations for the trendiest baby names of the future. Of course, an awful lot depends on pop culture, celebrity influence, current affairs and more, but what unlikely candidates for future popularity would you put your money on?

Are there any as yet “undiscovered” baby names that you think have all the hallmarks of future popularity, if only more parents knew about them?

Are there any names that so perfectly capture current trends, that they almost can’t not get popular?

What’s the most unexpected name you can see rising into the Top 100 over the next decade? How about the Top 10?

Share your predictions in the comments below, or join the debate on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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Celebrity Baby Names: Coming Attractions!

by Sophie Kihm

How important to you is sibset cohesion? Many celebrity sibsets in this month’s group are remarkably harmonized—Nikki Sixx’s children all have edgy names perfect for the sons and daughters of a punk rocker. Courtney and Mario Lopez gave all of their kids very Italian names, and Jessa and Ben Seewald have sons with baby names inspired by notable members of their faith.

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