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by Linda Rosenkrantz

Easter Baby Names! Yes, Christmas may have its holly and Halloween its ghosts, but probably no holiday has more varied sources of potential baby name inspiration than Easter. There are symbols and meanings that evolved from both Christian and pagan sources, from names that mean resurrection to Jesus as “the Lamb of God to Biblical characters to the Easter lily and other related botanicals, and bunny rabbits symbolizing abundant new life.

Here are a dozen plus of our favorite Easter baby names:

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Australian Names: 12 of the best

By Clare Green

There are lots of reasons to consider Australian names. Maybe you live in Australia, have heritage there, or have happy memories of visiting. Or perhaps you’re in search of an unusual baby name that you’re not likely to hear much north of the equator.

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Surnames and Word Names in the News

By Clare Green

This week’s baby name news includes the top baby names in Ireland, surname dilemmas, word names galore, and a baby named after dad’s favorite sauce.

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Welsh Names: Happy St. David’s Day!

by Aili Winstanley Channer

Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus! Today is St. David’s Day, the feast of the patron saint of Wales, and a day of particular cultural importance for the Welsh nation. It’s when traditional costumes are worn, leeks and daffodils are wielded, and bara brith (“speckled bread”) is eaten. It’s also a time when the first spring flowers are budding, and so here is a selection of Welsh names inspired by the world of nature.

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By Linda Rosenkrantz

A large percentage of parents-to-be are looking for a name that is instantly recognizable yet distinctive, especially appealing and yet not overly popular—aka a sweet-spot name.  Well, a readymade place to look for names that fit that perfect fitting in/standing out trope is in the very lower depths of the Social Security popularity list.  We’ve found 50 boy names that measure up—a mix of vintage faves, international possibilities and a few surprising word, place and nicknames. All of them were given to fewer than 300 baby boys across the country last year.

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