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Best Boy Names Starting with C

By Linda Rosenkrantz

The category of boy names starting with C is one of the most bountiful and captivating in the alphabet.  There’s truly something for everyone, from classics to notable namesakes to names from nature, mythology, history and the arts and pop culture.

Here we pick some of the best boy names starting with C in various classifications.

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Color Names for Babies

by Linda Rosenkrantz

When it comes to color names for babies, the royal color purple offers more appealing variations than almost any other in the rainbow. By far the most popular is sweet floral Violet, which, after resting quietly for many decades started to rise again, especially after it was chosen by Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck in 2005. And it’s now in the Top 50, at #43, and 24 on Nameberry.

But there are many other wonderful purple-hued choices beyond Violet, from the soft lavender and lilac to the vivid magenta and fuchsia.

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15 Cool Country Boy Names

By Clare Green

Country boy names capture the spirit of the American West: places and landscapes, cowboys and pioneers, and country music – including the names singers give their own children.

The country style embraces names from a wide range of origins, from nature to cities to the bible. They’re not traditional classics, but neither do they feel like modern inventions. It’s no surprise that many are popular in the country heartlands. For example, Wyatt, the 26th most popular name in the US, is in the Top 10 in 16 states, most of them in the South and Midwest.

If you like names that are cool with old-fashioned charm, and want to spread the country spirit wherever you live, here are 15 of our favorite country boy names (some are used for large numbers of girls too).

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by Linda Rosenkrantz

Of all the names associated with seasons, autumn baby names are the most colorful. Autumn arrivals are lucky to be born into a world of blazing, changing color. And that kaleidoscopic show of vibrant leaves morphing from green to red, yellow, orange and brown can provide lots of colorful baby name inspiration.

Let’s look at both the actual names of colors, and names with meanings linked to red, orange, yellow and brown.

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by Clare Green

This week’s news includes international baby names, including the hottest names in Austria, plus the most popular names for college freshmen, and people who would name their kid after a latte.

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