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Kim and Kanye’s Baby Name

Kim and Kanye baby name

By Pamela Redmond Satran

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are parents to a new baby girl who still doesn’t have a name.

There are lots of jokes flying around, of course, about what the little sister of North and Saint might be named. East? Queen? Wild?

The new parents have declared themselves stumped, though they might be delaying the announcement to win themselves both a little privacy and a lot of publicity. But in case Kimye are really still searching, we applied our expert thinking to finding them the perfect baby name.

Starting with the couple’s established naming preferences, they clearly like unusual word names that contain one syllable, are gender-neutral, start with a unique first initial, and play off and highlight the last name West. Given those parameters, we offer the following suggestions:

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Most Notable Names of 2017

By Linda Rosenkrantz

What were the most noteworthy names of the year? To pick the Top 10, we looked at not only baby names, but beyond to include the names that had a significant impact on the culture. So here are our top selections–some representative of major trends–along with a few others that slipstreamed in their wake


2017 was clearly the year of fierce boys’ names, embodied by a menagerie of wild animal names that were domesticated onto birth certificates. Bears were the leaders of the pack, ranking at Number 133 on Nameberry (and in the Top 10 for dogs). Bear seemed like a surprising pick when Alicia Silverstone named her son Bear Blu in 2011, but it became gradually normalized when there were bear cubs in the cribs of other celebs like Kate Winslet and Liam Payne. Also in this once aggressive animal category are Wolf (208 on Nameberry) and the fast-rising Fox, which entered the US Top 800 last year.

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100+ Great Christmas Names

By Esmeralda Rocha

Christmas is here once again!

It’s such a magical time of year that many who welcome a baby into the world at this time want to find a special name that reflects the holiday spirit.

We’ve pulled together a list of well over 100 names that in some way promote a Christmas theme – everything from the obvious Noelle and Holly to the more unusual Nevin or Hoshi. Let us know your favorite Yuletide moniker!

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New Spiritual Baby Names: Bodhi to Zen

By Katinka

Call it the “Bodhi effect”: spiritual names are on the ascendance at the moment — but these aren’t the religious names of yesteryear, steeped in Biblical tradition. These are novel word and virtue names, place names with spiritual significance, terms borrowed (some might say appropriated) from exotic Eastern belief systems… Names that give an aura of spirituality, without being rooted in a particular religion — or even in religion per se.

In this age of individualism and anti-establishment feeling, those who self-identify as “spiritual but not religious” are a rapidly expanding group. And — as ever — big social trends such as this go hand-in-hand with big trends in naming.

Let’s take a closer look at four key categories into which these new spiritual names fall:

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City Baby Names and other newsy names

By Clare Bristow

City names for babies? Babies named after cities lead this week’s name news, which also includes the names of preachers and warrior queens, plus some new 2016 name data from Europe.

Super city names: Memphis, Valencia and Steel

Would you consider using a city name – maybe one with special meaning to you, or just a great sound? There’s so much variety, from obvious places names like London and Brooklyn to more subtle ones like Adelaide and Florence. Here are a few more examples from the news lately.

Memphis is an appropriately bluesy name for country singer Jason Aldean’s new son. It’s in the US top 700 and rising fast for boys. If you like the country place name vibe, you might also like Nash (as in Nashville), or Tennessee. Or if Memphis puts you more in mind of Egypt, you could consider Cairo or Alexandria.

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