The 27+ Best Beachy Baby Names

The 27+ Best Beachy Baby Names

If you’re looking for a sunny, beachy name for your summer baby, you can definitely move beyond Ocean and Sunny and Soleil. There are so many paths to follow, from names of beautiful beaches to international versions of beach-related words to famous surfer dude names.

Here are some of the best summer baby names inspired by the beach.


St. Augustine, Florida boasts 42 miles of pristine beaches, with names like Anastasia and Vedra. Once an extravagant saintly choice, Augustine is now a cool and underused alternative to rising star August.


The ocean blue color in Spanish. It is sometimes used for girls. Azure is another possibility for boys and girls.


The Spanish word for shell is often used as a nickname for Concepción, Concetta or Conchita.


A subtle beachy word sometimes used as a boy name. It took a hit during the Covid pandemic but has already started to rebound.


A Persian name meaning ‘sun’, that of the founder of the Persian Empire, is popular in the Iranian community and catching on elsewhere too. It was used by Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy for their little boy.


What’s hot name Duke’s connection to the beach? Legendary Hawaiian surfer Duke Kahanamoku was the swimmer who popularized the ancient sport of surfing.


The Spanish word for (sand) dune makes a pretty yet strong girl name. Sable, the French version, also has strong baby name potential.


Or you could consider the evocative English version which also has sci-fi connections. Another spelling is Doon.


This appealing Old Greek boy name means ‘he who comes from the sun’.


A summery name to add to the long El-list is this Greek appellation meaning ‘gift of the sun’.


The Italian and Spanish version of Greek sun god Helios makes a wonderfully spirited choice; it was familiarized to many via the Timothée Chalamet character in Call Me by Your Name.


Christian Fletcher is a big name in surfing circles—he’s considered the pioneer of aerial surfing. Fletcher is Number 677 on the SSA list. Some other surfer possibilities: Adriano, Laird, Taj, and Slater.


The lovely, storied Welsh name of the queen of Camelot means ‘white wave’.


The meaning of this Hindi name is ‘the sun’. It’s a trending choice in England & Wales, currently in the 600s there.


A lovely, rhythmic Hindi name also meaning ‘sun’. Americans would probably associate it with the character Kalinda Sharma on The Good Wife.


Lido literally means beach resort or swimming pool in Italian and more specifically the sand island across from Venice. Automobile executive Lee Iacocca was born Lido


The Caribbean island of St. Lucia has several golden-sanded, palm-fringed beaches, including romantic Marigot Bay beach. With both religious and operatic ties, dainty Lucia was recently the top girl name in Spain.


This striking ancient Cornish name, currently revived in Wales, has more than one meaning, but we’ll go with ‘waves of the sea’. You may have heard it on Doc Martin or Poldark.


Myrtle Beach is a coastal city in South Carolina with a large stretch of beaches called The Grand Strand. Myrtle is an old-lady name on the cusp of a fashion makeover. It was a Top 40 name at the turn of the last century, has floral associations and literary references including The Great Gatsby and Harry Potter.


Navarre Beach is a serene spot in Northwest Florida. The name is of Basque origin, and has a sultry charm.


An unusual alternative to Miley, Niley is of Aboriginal origin, meaning ‘shell’.


A name with musical charm and strength, Ravi is a title of the Hindu sun god, his name made internationally known by sitar player Ravi Shankar.


It means sand in Italian and is also a place name in the Piedmont district.

Sandrine and Sandro

A French and an Italian name made this beach list by virtue of their sandy syllable.


This Florida island is known for being an outstanding shelling beach. Could Sanibel join Annabel and Isabel?


When Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale chose this name of a beautiful Malibu beach for their son, they put it on the baby name landscape. Since then a number of parents have followed their lead, though it hasn’t yet landed on the pop list.

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