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rich women names

If you’re hoping your baby girl grows up to be a self-made billionaire, you might look for naming inspiration to Forbes‘ lastest list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women.

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by Annie New

Looking for an artistic baby name?

As an art history student, I spent three years studying the biographies, influences and techniques of artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Eduard Manet, and Rembrandt. But it’s the names of the people they painted that are also of interest to name nerds like me.

Art history’s most famous models just happened to have some intriguing names as well as beauty and charm. With appellations ranging from Ginevra to Adele to Simonetta, the collection is as varied and cosmopolitan as today’s popularity lists. Let’s take a look.

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by Abby Sandel

Seeking their baby name compromise: She’s always known her future daughter’s name. But now they’re expecting a girl, and he’s not a fan of her favorite. How can they compromise on a name they’ll both love?

Annabel writes:
My husband and I are expecting our first baby and we’ve just learned that it’s a girl.

When we discussed baby names at the beginning of the pregnancy, we agreed on a boy name and a girl name. I had told my husband that I always wanted to have a girl named Pearl, because it’s my middle name and also my great grandmother’s name. I love that it’s relatively uncommon today, yet familiar and classic with a vintage feel. It is the perfect name – it can be edgy or stately or cute!

The problem is my husband hates it.  When we didn’t yet know the sex of the baby, I decided not to make a huge deal about the name since it might be a moot point.  We settled on a girl name that we both liked and I thought I was ok with compromising and using a name that’s a second choice for me. It’s another uncommon name, Cilla. It has the same meaning as my husband’s name.

But now that I know it’s a girl, my heart is even more set on Pearl!  Do I settle for my second choice or keep trying to win him over to Pearl?

Please help!

The Name Sage replies:

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Bewitching Baby Names: Happy Halloween!

by Linda Rosenkrantz

Halloween is now upon us, but that doesn’t mean that these bewitching baby names can’t be used any time of the year.  And the nice thing is that these witches are not all hideously ugly with warts and moles and hair on their chinny-chin-chins.  And they’re not all totally evil either.  In addition to the traditionally witchy witches, pop culture has brought us some who are nice and funny and even beautiful—think Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts, Michelle Pfeiffer, Nicole Kidman.

Here are ten  of the most interesting witch name possibilities from movies and TV.

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New Geek Chic Names For Girls

By Emma Waterhouse

Question: What do Cora and Sadie, Vivian and Josephine, Violet and Hazel all have in common?

Answer: These stylish vintage girls’ names — which already feel like modern classics — have all rejoined the US Top 100 in just the last decade (or less!)

Fashion moves fast, and some of the original names on our popular Geek Chic Girls list were no longer feeling quite so fresh. So we’ve recently added a whole host of quirky new options for cutting-edge namers to consider: all outside of the current Top 1000, and all with that cute, classic, clunky-cool appeal.

Below are 15 of our favorites; which other geek chic names for girl gems would you nominate for this list? And if this is your style, you can also find the boy version here.

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