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Baby Name Trends 2018

baby name trends 2018

By Pamela Redmond Satran

We head into 2018 following a year of surprises: The rise of powerful women after the fall of the first female presidential candidate, unexpected heroes (and villains) on the world as well as the theatrical stage, a new emphasis on truth as well as strength.

For Nameberry’s 2018 baby name trends, that means it’s time to get serious. In the year ahead, we predict a stronger taste for heroic names for both daughters and sons, increased flexibility in using names to equalize the genders, and a more adventurous search for names that have deep roots but feel fresh in the modern world.

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Anglo-Spanish Sister Names

a Name Sage post by: Abby View all Name Sage posts

They’re naming a sister for Mila Aby. After finding a name rich with meaning and family significance for their firstborn, they need something every bit as spectacular for their new arrival.

Mariana writes:

My husband, Justin, and I are expecting our second daughter in January. Our first daughter is Mila Aby. Our list also included Kiara and Eliana, but we settled on Mila. We love it’s meaning (hardworking, dear, and short for “milagro” or miracle in Spanish), and the fact that it’s short, sweet, and familiar without being overly popular. Aby was what we called my late grandmother, so we chose that as her middle name.

Now we are expecting another girl and planning on again choosing a few names and waiting to meet her before we make our final choice. However, we are having trouble finding names that we definitively want to add to the list. A few that we have thrown around and not nixed include Nora, Leila, and Hannah. I have always loved Olivia and the nickname Liv or Livy, but it’s too popular for our taste.

The name should sound beautiful in both English and Spanish, as much of my family only speaks Spanish. We would also like the name to pair well with Mila, and we are considering Alice for a middle name – my husband’s late grandmother.

I can’t wait to hear what your thoughts are!

The Name Sage replies:

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100+ Girl Names You Don’t Know

by Esmeralda Rocha

How do we know that you don’t know these rare baby names for girls?

Because we didn’t know them either, most of them, anyway. These unusual girls’ names come from all over the world, inspired by nature, mythology, art, and beyond.

We bet that most of these secret baby name gems will be a refreshing discoveries for you. Most did not appear at all on the US popular names list in 2016, which means they were given to fewer than five babies, and those names that did appear were used for only a handful of babies.

Will you break that trend and use one of these rare and unique girls’ names for your baby? Which would you use, if only you were brave enough?

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Most Popular Baby Names 2017

most popular baby names 2017

In a stunning upset, the ancient boys’ name Atticus has jumped to the top of Nameberry’s baby name popularity list for 2017.

Atticus is the Number 1 name for boys among the Most Popular Baby Names of 2017, with Olivia the top girls’ name for the second year in a row.

While girls’ names conventionally move up and down the fashion ladder more quickly, this year’s Nameberry list is more volatile on the boys’ side, with more new entries in the count of Top 1000 names and more names making dramatic shifts up or down the ladder

That’s evidence of a sea change in how parents choose names for their sons, moving away from family names and traditional male choices and judging boys’ names the same way they do girls’, with style the driving factor.

Nameberry’s popular names list measures which names attract the largest share of our nearly 250 million page views, versus how many babies actually receive that name. It’s a gauge of parents’ interest in baby names and a predictor of which names will become more popular in the future.

Three new names vaulted onto the Top Ten this year for each gender: Cora, Maia, and Amara for girls, and Theodore, Jasper, and Henry for boys. Maia is the most surprising newcomer to the group, also new to the Nameberry Top 100 and on the US Top 1000 for only a decade.

Here is the complete Top Ten baby names for each gender.

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Girls Baby Names: Hidden Treasures

By Linda Rosenkrantz

A couple of months ago, we blogged about names that were given to only ten babies in all of the US in 2016. Well now, for all you popularity-phobes and unique-freaks, we’re prepared to go even further and edge even closer to the absolutely unique –short of making up a new name or spelling.

Here we present a dozen names each that were give to only nine, eight, seven, six or five girls across the country, and they’re all names that have some history, meaning and are totally usable.

And so Jennifer and Jessica, Ashley and Amanda, here are some names that we can promise will pretty much insure that your daughter will be the only one in her class. (And don’t worry, Mike and Matt—we’ll be doing the same for the boys.)

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