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Girl Names: Tailored but Feminine

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He says Mary. She says Halston. Where’s the middle ground between those two extremes? The Name Sage sets out to find a compromise for their daughter.

Taylor writes:

My husband and I are expecting a baby girl in mid-June. For boys, we agreed on names like Ronan and Finn, but when it comes to girl names, our styles are completely different.

He likes Abigail, Mary, and Hannah classic/popular names that I do not like at all. My favorites are Carter and Halston, as I prefer unisex names for girls, and he strongly dislikes them.

The middle name is all we have agreed on: Jeanette.

Are there any choices that are a happy compromise?

The Name Sage replies:

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Anjelika Temple, the founding partner and chief creative officer of one of our favorite websites Brit + Co, is mom to Anokhi, 2, with another daughter on the way. She and husband David, head of content for Pinterest, are deep in the search for baby names.

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by Linda Rosenkrantz

Not only is March Women’s History Month, but today, March 8th,  is International Women’s Day.

So what better time than this to salute some of the women who are making history right now in the US political sphere?

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by Linda Rosenkrantz

We recently posted a list of fifty boys’ names that we consider to be currently in the sweetest sweet spot—that is, instantly recognizable but not mega-popular—just the kind of fitting in/standing out name that many parents are looking for.  These were all found in the lower regions of the most recent Social Security list.

And now, as promised, it’s the girls’ turn.  Here are the fifty names we think are the best examples—again a mix of vintage treasures, international possibilities, place and nicknames (one of them, Frankie, actually earned a place on both the boy and girl lists).  All 50 of them were given to fewer than 350 baby girls across the country last year!

Here they are!

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Popular Girl Names: Lost in the La-Crowd

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They’ve long loved Lyla for a daughter. But is Lyla too close to all those other lovely, La-la names?

Emily writes:

We are struggling with choosing a name for our baby girl arriving in March.

Our son’s name is Theodore and he goes by Theo.  For years we have liked the name Lyla, and recently considered Daisy for a middle name. But now that we are down to the wire we aren’t sure!

Lyla isn’t super popular, but there are so many close variations – Layla, Lola, Lula, Leela, etc. that I am worried people will always get her name wrong. It’s already happening! People say things like, “What are you naming the baby again, Lola?”

We’ve also considered Daisy as a first name, Meadow, Summer, Vivienne, and Eden. Lyla is still a top choice. We love a good nickname, so while not a dealbreaker, we would like a name that has some nickname options.

Hope you can help!

The Name Sage replies:

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