Rare Girl Names You Don’t Know (Yet!)

Rare Girl Names You Don’t Know (Yet!)

Connoisseurs of rare girl names are familiar with the challenge of finding the perfect name that is at once unusual, usable, and fits your personal style.

You may be looking for a name so rare and cool, it’s intimidating (try Dolucila or Xelat). Or perhaps you’re on the hunt for one that conveys friendliness from the get-go (how about Jasiri or Omya?).

Included here are girl names from cultures all over the world, as well as word names and invented names that haven’t hit the mainstream. You probably haven't heard of these girl names before, so here’s your formal introduction.

Each of these girl names was given to 10 babies or fewer in 2022, the most recent year from which we have official Social Security data, however many are truly one-of-a-kind.

But we're genuinely curious — how many of these names do you know? Be sure to head over to the forums to share your score.

Here, our A to Z roster of 100+ rare baby names for girls.

Rare Girl Names You Don’t Know

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