British Baby Names: New sibsets

June 27, 2012 Pamela Redmond

It’s another morning with British baby names in the London Telegraph here, and this time I thought I’d focus on charming sibsets from the recent birth announcements.

I always love the slightly off-kilter (from the American perspective) British baby names plus the eccentric string of middle names. But including the names of brothers and sisters adds an extra dimension of style interest.

Counting first children not mentioned here too, trend watchers will want to note the names Elodie, Emilia, Florence, Isla, and Jemima for girls, and Barnaby, Frederick, Hugo, Montgomery, and Willoughby for boys. Also, diminutives such as Jack and Annie as not only full first names but middle names.

Recent British baby names and their siblings include:


Alannah Anthea, a sister for Eloise

Alice Milly Elsa, a sister for Edward

Annabel Clementine May, a sister for Henrietta

Aurelia Mary Susan, a sister to Beatrice

Christabel Maris Tessa Crossley, a sister for John
Clea Helen Marie, a sister for Alexander and Theodore

Clementine Lila Munro, a sister for Atalanta

Constance Mary Angharad, a sister for Clement and Louis

Daisy Florence Elsa, a sister for Poppy

Elizabeth Tamsin Jacqueline (Lizzie), a sister for Lottie

Elsie Beatrice Grace, a sister for Archie, Poppy and Jasper

EmiliaRose Marie, a sister for James, Henry and Barnaby

Evelyn Grace Peggy, a sister for Barnaby

Flora Isabella, a sister for Edward, Oliver and Lucy

Florence Elizabeth Rose, a sister for Harriet, Freddie and Monty

Francesca Lilibet, a sister for Theodore and Roberto

Imogen Romily May, a sister for Oscar

Indi, a sister for Archie

Isla Elodie, a sister for Maximilian and Talulah

Jemimah Faith, a sister for Samuel and Bethany

Kinvara June, a sister to Oliver and Sam

Mamie Grace, a sister to Alice and Tessa

Philippa Elodie, a sister for Charlie

Rosamund Margaret, a sister for Ned and James

Saskia Rose, a sister for Leo Myles Louis.

Sienna Brooke May, a sister for Ashton.

Sophie Plum, a sister for Barnaby.

Tabitha Florence, a sister to Jemima Beatrice

Tallula (Lula) Catherine, a sister for Yasmin

Willa Bridget, a sister for Ilaria

Xanthe Isabelle Alice, a sister for Nicholas


Arki Oscar, a brother for Katinka

Arthur Gordan Houston, a brother for Matilda

Beau Benjamin Grantham, a brother for Grace and Florence

Benedict Henry Sholto, a brother for Freddie

Casper Esmonde John, a brother for Herbert

Christo Innes, a little brother for James Josua

Digby George Aretas, a brother to Isla and Poppy

Edward John Macs, a brother for Brodie

Elmo Arthur George, a brother for Louis

Ferdinand Richard Francis, a brother for Alexia

Finn Alexander Wolf, a brother for Iris and Felix

Frederick William Parrish, a brother for Archie

Gabriel Ewan Lionel Theo, a brother for Arlo

Hugo Raphael Buchanan, a brother for Tristan, India and Sophia

Inigo Arthur, a brother for Tatiana

Isaac Ieuan Frederick, a brother for Riva

Joseph Louis, a brother for Hugh

Kit Frederick Rylands, a brother for Rufus

Lorcan Rhys, a brother for Grainne

Louis Oliver Alan, a brother for Willa, Walter and Magnus

Monty Sebastian, a brother for Isabella and Georgiana

Oakley David Michael, a brother for Chloe, Lauren and Ella

Percy James McCosh, a brother for Poppy, Darcey and Willa

Rory Michael Strachan, a brother for Felix, Hector and Geordie

Rupert Dorrien Aloysius George, a brother for Algie

Seth Jack, a brother for Ned

Teddy James, a brother for Liam and Bobby

Theo Timothy Lawrence, a brother for Charlotte

Wilbur Charles Stanley, a brother for Leopold

Wilfy, a brother for Lily

Willoughby Hugh Clifford, a brother for Barnabas

Zavier Thomas David, a brother for Louise Rosalind and Hannah Beatrix

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