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Geordie Origin and Meaning

The name Geordie is boy's name .
Though it looks, to the untrained American eye, like a yoonek spelling of Jordy, Geordie actually refers to people from Tyneside in Northeast England and the local dialect there. To give you a sense of what it implies to Brits, Geordie Shore is British MTV's long-running answer to Jersey Shore.

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Famous People Named Geordie

  • George Nigel "Geordie" DouglasHamilton, 10th Earl of Selkirk, British politician
  • Kevin "Geordie" WalkerEnglish musician of band Killing Joke
  • George C. "Geordie" GreigEnglish journalist and newspaper editor
  • Geordie WudrickCanadian ice hockey player
  • Geordienickname for George Best, Northern Irish footballer

Geordie in Pop Culture

  • Geordie Keatingcharacter on TV's "Grantchester"
  • "Geordie Shore" reality TV series derived from the the nickname for inhabitants of Newcastle, England
  • GeordieBritish rock band
  • "Geordie" novel by David Walker, 1955 British movie and its main character
  • "Geordie" English Child ballad
  • Nickname for George