Best B Names for Boys

Best B Names for Boys

Boy names that start with B are led by Benjamin, which entered the Top 10 in 2015. The only other B names in the Top 100 are the fashionable Brooks and Bennett. However, there are many hidden gems of boy names starting with B that are waiting to be discovered.


This intriguing and distinct surname, meaning "one who lives on the riverbank," fits right in with trending names like Brooks, Hayes, and Briggs. Toting an appealing nature meaning and image as well, Banks covers many bases that today's parents-to-be are seeking in a name. Banks is currently number 916 in the US, but we expect more little Banks' running around in coming years.


A strong and attractive tree name less obvious than Oak or Pine or Maple. The giant Banyan is the national tree of India, where it provided shade for village meetings and figures in mythology.


This bouncy boy name is one we can't help but say again and again. A more lively, and likely riper for revival, version of its brother Barnabas, we can see Barnaby winning over the hearts of parents looking for a fun and energetic choice they won't hear on every playground. Barnaby is the epitome of the perfect sweet spot name — familiar and friendly, yet surprisingly underused.


Quintessentially British Basil was a Top 400 name in the US up through the 1930s, when he exited the country. Maybe the fact of Mick Jagger picking it as one of the middle names for his new son Deveraux (after his father) could inspire a reentry. Everybody loves the nickname Baz.


This sleek shortened variation of the Top 25 hit Sebastian is an alluring choice. Bastian has been enjoying his popularity in Latin America, but has yet to find his way to the states in any significant way. With the coolest of nickname options including Bash and Baz, we can see Bastian being one of the newest cross-cultural favorites.

Top B Names for Boys in the US


This might be a real discovery — a word name more secular than similar sounding Deacon and with an illuminating light-filled image.


Leading the way for a whole generation of animal names for boys such as Fox, Wolf, and even Sparrow, Bear gives the best of both worlds: strong and sturdy, yet cute and cuddly at the same time. Bear has been a favorite of celebrity parents for several years now, but is starting to catch on with the general public as well, making its way into the Top 1000 in 2018.


One of the many newly fashionable boys names ending in -tt, Beckett is sitting just inside the Top 200. While cousin names Bennett, Emmett, and Everett have moved to the top of the charts, Beckett has managed to stay a familiar, but not overused option. Beckett feels fun and fresh, and nickname Beck is uber cool.


A handsome, rhythmic surname name with the great meaning ‘fine friend’ that came to the fore via the main family name in the Upstairs, Downstairs TV series. Bellamy would make a nice cousin name for all those Bellas and Belles out there, in tune with the three-syllable surnames now in style.


This lively German name with an appealing meaning — "bear" — may just be the natural next step if Benjamin, Bennett, and Bentley are feeling less fresh and exciting. With its trending -o ending and a sound that is undeniably fun to say, we think Benno definitely needs more consideration.

Unique Boy Names That Start with B


If you know too many Noahs, consider this livelier and less used Old Testament name. Boaz, the biblical second husband of Ruth, was common among the Pilgrims, and is now Number 26 in the Netherlands and 161 on Nameberry. Hip nickname Bo is a plus.


Fitting with surname trends of today and with one of the most honorable historical namesakes of Booker T. Washington, Booker is an attractive but rarely used option today. It feels scholarly and literary, and yet has great musical and pop culture references as well.


There’s something undeniably charming about Bram, which is both a more distinctive than Abe nickname of Abraham and an independent Dutch and Irish name. Most memorable bearer is Dracula creator Bram Stoker, and there was also a Bram on The West Wing. Number 15 in its native Netherlands, it’s 649 on Nameberry.


Bridget may have had her days as a girl name in the 70s and 80s, but Bridger is cool and current. An attractive occupational surname option, Bridger has been floating among the 800s and 900s in the US popularity chart for the last 15 years or so. However, Emmy award winning show Bridgerton seems to be inspiring more parents to consider this gem.


Thanks in part to Bruno Mars, this o-ending German name meaning brown is beginning to catch on internationally — it’s at Number 633 in the US, 322 on Nameberry, and in the Top 100 in Spain, Portugal and Germany. Bruno Mars, btw, was born Peter, but given the Bruno nickname when he was two. The hit song from Disney's Encanto, 'We don't talk about Bruno', may give Bruno a new boost in the rankings.

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