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Gender: M Meaning of Noel: "Christmas" Origin of Noel: French Noel's Popularity in 2016: #380

Noel is British, fey, and sophisticated, connoting wit and creativity, much like namesake Noel Coward. Always high on the list of Christmasy choices, Noel is currently Number 380 in the US and is in the Top 100 in Germany, Sweden and Finland. Noel has also been a character on Felicity and Pretty Little Liars.

Famous People Named Noel

Noel Anthony Clarke, English actor, director and screenwriter
Noel Coward, playwright and musician
Noel Edmonds, TV presenter
Noel Fielding, British comedian
Noel Fisher, Canadian actor
Noel Thomas David Gallagher, British musician
Noel Harrison-British actor and son of Rex Harrison
Douglas Noel Adams, British novelist
Noel Fitzpatrick, "The Supervet", actor.

Pop Culture References for the name Noel

Noel Crane, a main character on "Felicity"
Noel Kahn, character in "Pretty Little Liars"
Pronounced like "knoll" in English.
Papai Noel, Santa Claus' name in some Latin America countries

Nata, Noél, Nowell, Natal, Noell, Noël, Nole, Nowel, Noli, Natale

Noel's International Variations

Nollaig (Irish Gaelic) Novelo (Spanish)