Gender: Female Pronunciation: LIV-ee-ah Meaning of Livia: "blue, envious" Origin of Livia: Diminutive or Olivia or Latin Livia's Popularity in 2019: #761

Livia Origin and Meaning

The name Livia is a girl's name of Spanish, Latin origin meaning "blue, envious".

Though it sounds like a chopped-off variation of Olivia, which means olive, the distinctively attractive Livia has been an independent name since the days of the ancient Romans, when it belonged to Livia Drusilla—the powerful wife of the Emperor Augustus—and is still commonly heard in modern Italy.

Livia was a literary favorite from the sixteenth century, appearing in the plays of John Fletcher and Thomas Middleton, and playing a minor role in Romeo and Juliet. Anna Livia Plurabelle is the name of a character in James Joyce's Finnegans Wake.

Livia entered the US Top 1000 in 2004.

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Rank in US: #761

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Liv, Levia, Livvy, Lyvia, Livie, Livya, Livy


Isabella_188 Says:


I'm starting to like this more than Olivia.

TechnoKitten Says:


better than Olivia

laura_eva Says:


I like this a lot more than Olivia. It's chic.

josephinedagnall Says:


I love this name for its ancient Roman connections, and personally think it looks nicer when written than Olivia does. Unfortunately, with Olivia becoming so popular, a little girl named this will constantly be correcting people who think there's an o in front of her name.

Sara Habetz Says:


The little girl in my profile picture is named Livia and it fits her so well. We are constantly correcting people from calling her Olivia, but it's whatever. Would 100% use it again.

lillismonica Says:


Only discovered it last yr, doing a classics degree ! Absolutely beautiful, I love it, along with clodia, lucretia and Cassandra, love roman and Greek names.

Yessica Says:


I actually have this name in my Latin class. What a coincidence!

Yessica Says:


Very pretty. I like it better than Olivia/Alivia.

SpanglishMami Says:


This ultra sweet and feminine name is a godsend alternative to the equally amazing but recently mega popular Olivia.

Nozomi Says:


So cute ^.^

actingfun Says:


I love Olivia, but it is too popular for my taste. This name solves that problem :)

headintheclouds Says:


I didn't know Livia was a separate name from Olivia with its completely distinct rich roots and history until recently- I've always assumed it was a dimunitive variant. (Olivia has a nicer meaning than Livia though- not crazy about Livia's meaning but it doesn't deter me from the name)

I love Livia much more than Olivia- Olivia has a certain charming clunkiness to its spunky+girly sound, while Livia sounds more streamlined and elegant, bright yet also serene to my ears.

june7rose Says:


Livia is a beautiful, ancient Roman name that's been around for thousands of years. It's kind of shocking that there are so many people who think it's a mispronounced version of "Olivia."

sarah Says:


I LOVE THIS NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kate Says:


My daughter's name is Annalivia, as in the Anna Livia from Finnegan's Wake mentioned above, but she is named more directly after a friend of ours who spells her name as the two names smooshed together. It's a lovely name, I think (or else we wouldn't have chosen it), and I like it's literary connection and it's meaning, which is the latinate for the river Liffey, which flows through Dublin. I like the name also because if she decides later on that she'd rather not be called by her full name, there are lots of nickname options. She's 2 1/2 now and my husband and I often call her Annie Liv. The downside to this name, however, is that I often have to repeat it a time or two to people for the first time. Either they hear just "Olivia", or they think its Anne Olivia, or Anna Olivia. It gets old.

AbbyNashville Says:


We named our daughter Livia, nn Livie - and I adore it. ADORE. It suits her perfectly. It drives me a little crazy that everyone assumes her name is Olivia or Libby (depending on whether we introduce her by her full name or nickname) - but I love it so much that I don't mind. I just hope she doesn't mind when she gets a little older :) We've gotten really great feedback from everyone about the name too. Even the folks who originally thought she was an Olivia/Libby, they seem to like it even more once they know it's actually Livia/Livie.

Summerbaby2014 Says:


Love this name, it is a serious contender if this baby is a girl. My only reservation is that people are likely to presume that her name is Olivia, despite Livia being a name in its own right. I love Olivia too, but I am put off by its popularity. Love the nn Liv and Livi