Gender: Female Origin of India: Place-name, from the River Indus India's Popularity in 2019: #931

India Origin and Meaning

The name India is a girl's name of English origin.

India is one of the first and still one of the loveliest place-names: exotic, euphonious and long stylish in England. It was one of the fastest-rising names on the 2013 list, after jumping 240 spots back into the Top 1000. India was a character in Gone with the Wind, the sister of Ashley Wilkes, and more recently was picked for the daughters of singer Sarah McLachlan, actress Heather Thomas, and Avenger Chris Hemsworth. While not exactly new, India remains one of our highly-recommended favorites.

India Hicks is a high-profile ex-model with ties to the royal family, and the mother of a girl called Domino. Singer India.Arie was born India Arie--without the period.

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Pop Culture References for the name India

Indie, Indee, Indiah, Indiya, Indian, Indi, Indea, Indya, Indeah, Indeia, Indy, Indeya, Indianna, Indiana, Indieya


QueenieGuldbaek Says:


I don't see how this is offensive, especially if you named your child India because of significance relating to the country and your baby; e.g. if you conceived the child in India, your child first kicked while you were on a holiday in India.

NameNerd15 Says:


I love this name. It’s beautiful, even if it is considered “offensive”. If we can name our kids England and China (I dislike both as a name), then why not India?

I'm Dakota Says:


SJW spotted

_mamabears Says:


Not many of my generation has this name, India. I think thats why I am so drawn to it at the moment. Its one of my favourite names off the top 10!!

Leah_ Says:


I don't like place names but India has a very pretty sound to it.

snazzyscarlet Says:


My sisters name is India, and she loves it. It's a beautiful name, the only things she doesn't like about it is that she gets asked "Is your sister called China" a lot, and she worrys that people think shes making up her name a lot, but other than that it's a beautiful name!

C Jordan Says:


Or maybe people choose the name because it is a truly beautiful name. Nothing to do with the ~exotic~ factor. Why do people have to find offense in everything? India is a beautiful country with rich culture but that doesn't mean a non Indian shouldn't be allowed to name their child India. There's a difference there. It isn't cultural appropriation. Instead, I want you to think about why this would really even affect you at all.

Stella2007 Says:


I think the name India sounds really pretty. It's soft and feminine sounding. I'm not sure why people get so worked up or offended by names.

CDG Says:


Love it.

For the love of names Says:


My daughters name is India Elle. I don't understand why some people don't like the name on the count that it could be offensive. Why does a beautiful name like India need to be considered offensive to some when other 'place names' are considered ok. Anyway she gets loads of compliments on it, people always say how pretty it is. There aren't as many India's around as there are indianas

SimoneKadele Says:


It sounds pretty, but naming a child after a country is odd, especially when you're doing it because of the ~exotic~ factor and you have no real connection to the country. People already appropriate Indian culture enough without having to put it in their names. This just seems kind of tactless to me, and if you're considering naming your child this, really think about why you want to do that.

Myosotis Says:


I remember two of my friends (one from India, the other Bangladesh) saying they find it really odd when a white girl is called India, especially with no links or connection to Indian culture. Some place names work on anyone, but I don't feel like India is one of them.

oliviamcdonald Says:


I'm curious about what Indian people think of a white girl named India. Its a beautiful country and a beautiful word but seems a bit off. Indiana, Indie, Indigo, Ingrid, Jacinda and others could have the nn Indy/India.

eloisamaturen Says:


My hometown is in India, this name is very close to me by all means. Usually we people don't name our child India. The name which I came across was Bharat, and Bharati till now which are the Hindi words of India. It was surprising for me "India" as a name for person in nameberry and

foreverharriet Says:


I think of the character from the Jacqueline Wilson book Secrets. Pretty name, but I'm not sure how appropriate it is to use as I don't have Indian heritage.

Wittyusername103 Says:


I love this name but it makes me feel bad. Dear Indian nameberries how do you feel about the name India?

autumnreverie Says:


Indy, Dia, Innie, Inna, Nia.

Lena_Aline Says:


It has a very pretty sound about it, but I can't say I'd adore it on a person. I have met an India, a very smug one with no respect for others, which may have contributed to my dislike of the name.

kiwipop Says:


Makes a good middle name

Kelsey Says:


My daughter's name is India Elizabeth, and we call her Indy

Fox Says:


Does any one have any cute nicknames for India? Something like Dee or at least begins with d but anything will do. Trying to figure out how to ease into the name; currently go by another ¿middle/nickname? :s

strawberrydino Says:


Ew, Katie Hopkins kid is named India.

Catastroffy Says:


I don't know any; a friend of mine has a friend named India, but I've never met her.

Guest Says:


the only thing that evil Katie Hopkins said that I agree with: India is a lovely name for a lovely child. Just a shame she didn't know India is a country which she said he dislikes place names. Hmmm. I think India, Ireland, Argentina (which I heard on an elder Italian lady on a commercial today), Italia, etc. are really pretty as names and great ways to honor memories, heritage and so on. I think if you name after a group of people then that's kinda rude. India is gorgeous, just too popular in my area for me. I'm part Indian myself.

spyri Says:


I know someone with Indian heritage who chose it for their daughter (she grew up in an "adopted" culture), I guess everyone sees it differently :)

madmaddie Says:


Exactly: it’s for people who are trying to be "exotic". As a person with Indian heritage, it kinda irks me.

june7rose Says:


Makes me think of the antebellum south, when an obsession with "eastern culture" made it very popular.

CharlotteLouise Says:


I love the name India - absolutely gorgeous. I only know one and her full name is India Rose Jane.

indiadavidson Says:


My name is India Jayne. Haha, my parents didn't realize till much later that it sounded so similar to Indiana Jones! I always get compliments on it though, and I am very proud to have it as a name!

indiadavidson Says:


Everyone likes it, it's my name! I've never heard any negative comments.

HatGirl Says:


me too

caroblaise Says:


Really? I only know one! I guess it depends on where you live. The India I know is from the UK. And actually, India was a name my mother considered for my sisters and I!

Guest Says:


If only I didn't know like 20 girls with this name -__-

AnonymousPerson Says:


Beautiful, but I'm not sure how good a name for a person this would make.

beeba Says:


This is my favorite name.