American place-name
"land of the Indians"

Indiana Origin and Meaning

The name Indiana is a girl's name meaning "land of the Indians".

Indiana is one of those place-names (think Camden and Trenton) that sounds cooler than the place that inspired it. Its fashionable -ana ending certainly sounds eminently name-like, and Indie/Indy/Indi is one of the hottest nickname names for girls right now.

# in the US

Indiana Rank in US Top 1000

Indiana Popularity

Famous People Named Indiana

  • Indiana Rose EvansAustralian singer and actress
  • Indiana MassaraAustralian singer and actress
  • Indiana Fletcher Williamsfounder of Sweet Briar College
  • Indiana Hawke(b. 2011) daughter of actor Ethan Hawke
  • Indiana Willow Didak (b. 2012)daughter of footballer Alan Didak
  • Indiana Boon Feek (b. 2014)daughter of country duo Joey & Rory Feek

Indiana in Pop Culture

  • Indiana19th of the 50 American states
  • Indiana Delmaretitle character in George Sand's novel Indiana (1832)
  • Indiana Fruskwife of James J. Rolliver in The Custom of the Country (1913) by Edith Wharton