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Gender: Female Meaning of Delphine: "dolphin" Origin of Delphine: French from Greek

The name Delphine is a girl's name of French origin meaning "dolphin". Delphine and is often added to lists like Gorgeous Flower Names for Babies and discussed in our forums with posts like "Heaven Hell Purgatory -- GIRLS".

From the experts:

Delphine is a sleek, chic French name with two nature associations—the dolphin and the delphinium, a bluebell-like flower, a well as to the ancient city of Delphi, which the Greeks believed to be the womb of the earth. It is definitely a fresher choice than over-the-hill Danielle.

Balzac used the name in two of his novels, and Madame de Stael wrote the 1802 epistolary Delphine, which helped bring the name into fashion in France. Delphine Seyrig was a renowned French movie actress.

The attractive Spanish version is Delfina.

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Famous People Named Delphine

Delphine Claire Beltiane Seyrig, French actress
Delphine de Vigan, French novelist
Delphine Neid, American bassist for band The Nuns
Delphine Michèle Anne Marie Ghislaine Boël, Belgian artist; rumored illegitimate daughter of King Albert II
Delphine Bertille Atangana, Cameroonian Olympic sprinter
Delphine LaLaurie, New Orleans socialite and infamous murderer
Delphine Blanc, French footballer
Delphine Batho, French politician
Delphine Chanéac, French model and actress
Delphine Djiraibe, Chadian human rights lawyer
Delphine Arnault, French executive of Louis Vuitton
Delphine Gleize, French film director
Delphine Noiztoy, tattoo artist
Delphine de Nostredame, sister of Nostradamus
Delphine de Sabran, beatified French noblewoman
Cecilia Delphine Walton, b. 2012, daughter of actors Majandra Delfino and David Walton
Delphine Devos, Miss Universe Belgium 2017

Pop Culture References for the name Delphine

Dr. Delphine Cormier, character on TV's "Orphan Black"
Delphine d'Albemar, in 'Delphine' by Anne Louise Germaine de Staël
Delphine de Nucingen, in 'Le Pere Goriot' by Honore de Balzac
Delphine Caraze, character in George Washington Cable's novella 'Madame Delphine"
Delphine von Überwald, character in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series
Delphine LaLaurie, on "American Horror Story: Coven"
Delphine, "Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers"
Delphine Day, character on TV's "Mr. Selfridge"
Delphine, character on TV's "Reign"
Delphine, character in the game "Skyrim"

Delphine's International Variations

Delfina (Spanish)


Toronto87 Says:


By way of an update, I named my new baby daughter Delphine. People have either said they love it or they have never heard of it - goes one of two ways. We love it and I'm so happy to be able to use my favourite name on an actual baby.

Francoamericano Says:


Prob wouldnt use it but as a middle name would be cool

mamanmia Says:


it actually means 'of Delphi' referencing the oracle of Delphi in Greece. it has nothing to do with dolphins at all

gildedfairyx Says:


This actually means "of Delphi" not "dolphin".

hjtwiggy Says:


I love this name! I think it's gorgeous.

paulapuddephatt Says:


This is such a beautiful name - and love Delphina and Delfina, also. I love how you can actually "hear" the dolphin meaning, but without actually using the word Dolphin as a name. I did know a Delphine years ago - vaguely, as in, someone from work - but didn't think much about the name until recently.

Fluffykitten101 Says:


I'd say it's more of a mix between Daphne and Della.

Toronto87 Says:


It's a beautiful choice. I also plan on using it for a future daughter! :)

Monica Says:


Named my daughter this name a few months back. Love it because 1) it's French (and as a Vietnamese-American, we have 3 generations of female French names in our family), and 2) it has 4 meanings, including a person, place, thing/flower and animal. Person= 14th century saint that was one of the first to marry. Place= Delphi, in Greece, also known as "naval of the world" and famous as the Oracle of Delphi. Flower= Delphinium/ Larkspur (which in blues and purples, it grows tall and beautiful). And of course, the animal, Dolphin. :-)

Yessica Says:


Mommy mommy!
It's A-delphine!!
"Hello.. it's me"

abertawe Says:


Thanks :)

bandksmith Says:


Definitely del-FEEN. Like Josephine.

abertawe Says:


Are people saying del-FIN or del-FEEN?

Floris Says:


Well, because it's not like Claudia, where one has to look up the meaning..

I personally just don't think the name ages well.

priviledgedpistachios Says:


I really love this name now! Della or Phina would be cute nicknames!

Toronto87 Says:


One of my favourites. The meaning doesn't really add or detract for me but meanings aren't all that important to me. I could definitely see myself using Delphine for a future daughter.

oliviamcdonald Says:


I had never heard of this name until today, I adore it! And I love the meaning as well. I also know a girl named Dell and it makes a sweet nickname

jasminegarden Says:


Such an astoundingly gorgeous name, I love it.

headintheclouds Says:


One of my favorite girls' names! The -ine sound just draws me in. Sounds elegant and sophisticated. I would consider using it as a middle name.

DearestJules Says:


I think the meaning is positive! It's cute. And hey, Melissa means "honeybee" and that doesn't seem to bother people. So what's wrong with "dolphin"?

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


I don't get how people don't like it just because of the meaning. There are worse meanings for names that people are using, some are 'lame' or 'alone' or 'blind'.

Guest Says:


it sounds like what it means. I'm starting to like it tho!

ldougie Says:


Wow, I do not like. Dolphins are nice and all, but I wouldn't name a child after one.

Hydra Says:


Prefer Delphinia or even Delphinium, and La Laurie doesn't help. Still very pretty, though.

CocoWhite Says:


Sounds like a mix between Daphne and Dolphin.

Giinkies Says:


I only think of Delphine Lalaurie when I hear this name and I've never watched an episode of "American Horror Story". (I know about the show because I don't live under a rock) I just went through a phase where I was fascinated with the paranormal and her haunted mansion is very well known for all the torture that happened there.

raevynstar Says:


I like this name. <3