English and Scottish
"handsome, cheerful"

Allen Origin and Meaning

The name Allen is a boy's name of Celtic origin meaning "handsome, cheerful".

Allen is the spelling of this name -- other common spellings are Alan and Allan -- most associated with the surname; it might also be the most appropriate if you're trying to steer clear of Al as a nickname, as this can easily offer you Len or Lenny as options.

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Allen Popularity

Famous People Named Allen

  • Allen Ezail IversonAmerican basketball player
  • Allen Bernard WestUS Congressman from Florida
  • Alan "Allen" LeechIrish actor
  • (Irwin) Allen GinsbergAmerican Beat poet and activist
  • Allen Bernard Robinson IIAmerican NFL player
  • Allen Daniel CandlerAmerican politician; 56th Governor of Georgia
  • Allen Joseph EllenderUS Senator from Louisiana
  • Allen Miller FletcherAmerican politician; 54th Governor of Vermont
  • Allen Ingvar OlsonAmerican politician; 28th Governor North Dakota
  • Allen Welsh DullesAmerican director of the CIA
  • Allen Granberry ThurmanUS Senator from Ohio
  • Allen Neal Jones aka AJ StylesAmerican pro wrestler
  • (Larkin) Allen CollinsJr., American guitarist of band Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Allen Glover LanierAmerican musician of band Blue Oyster Cult
  • (Douglas) Allen WoodyAmerican guitarist of The Allman Bros. Band
  • Allen StoneAmerican R&B singer
  • Allen Stephen CovertAmerican actor and comedian
  • Allen PayneAmerican actor
  • Allen Ludden (born Allen Packard Ellsworth)American TV host
  • Allen Stuart DruryAmerican novelist
  • Hoodie AllenAmerican rapper
  • Allen Ezail Iverson II aka Deuceson of basketball player Allen Iverson

Allen in Pop Culture

  • Allenthe Servant of Evil in the Evillious Chronicles
  • Allencharacter in The Walking Dead comic book series and television series
  • Allen the Aliencharacter in Image Comics
  • Allen Walkercharacter in the D.Gray,man manga and anime series

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