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Gender: F Meaning of Addison: "son of Adam" Origin of Addison: English Addison's Popularity in 2016: #29

Addison, a TV-generated name (Dr. Addison Shephard, Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice) took off in hot pursuit of predecessor Madison, sounding sharper and more modern--at least until its own rapid climb up the ladder. Addison, one of the few patronymics ('son of') names to be totally accepted for girls, is now at Number 29.

Famous People Named Addison

Addison Jayne Timlin, American actress
Addison Wingate, American beauty queen and reality TV personality ("Kim of Queens")
Addison Kersch Schultz (b. 1990), daughter of Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz
Addison Bay (b. 2006), daughter of baseball player Jason Bay
Addison Melissa Sansone (b. 2010), daughter of TV anchor Julie Banderas and Andrew Sansone
Addison Marie Stagliano (b. 2014), daughter of TV personality DeAnna Pappas Stagliano
Addison Muhlbach (b. 2012), daughter of NFL player Don Muhlbach
Addison Leigh Teixeira, daughter of baseball player Mark Teixeira
Addison Hornish, daughter of NASCAR driver Sam Hornish Jr.
Addison Underwood, daughter of TV personalities Brad and Meredith Underwood of "Pretty Wicked Moms"
Addison Harbaugh, daughter of college football coach Jim Harbaugh
Piper Addison Dalton (b. 2008), daughter of TV personality Jonny Fairplay and model Michelle Deighton

Pop Culture References for the name Addison

Dr. Addison Adrienne Forbes Montgomery, character on TV's "Grey's Anatomy" and "Private Practice"
Addison, character in film "Saw II"
Addison, character on TV's "The Suite Life on Deck"
Addison's disease, chronic endocrine disorder

Adison, Adis, Addyson, Adisynne, Addisson, Addisen, Adisa, Adysen, Adisen, Addis