Spelling variation of Reagan, Irish
"little king"

Raegan Origin and Meaning

The name Raegan is a girl's name meaning "little king".

Less popular than Reagan, but more popular than Regan, Raegan is a spelling option for the popular Irish surname. It followed Reagan up the charts in the 90s, perhaps due to its similarity to Morgan, but in recent years, use of Raegan has declined

With the cool meaning "little king", Raegan feels like it could be a modern and on trend option, however, it is in fact linked to an old surname, a Shakespearean character, and a president. Given to around 730 girls each year, Raegan remained in the US Top 500 for 2023, with parents selecting it perhaps to make the pronunciation more obvious and to get nickname Rae.

# 418 in the US

Raegan Rank in US Top 1000

# 3445 on Nameberry

Raegan Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Raegan Popularity

Famous People Named Raegan

  • Raegan Scott PebleyAmerican basketball player and coach