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Webb Origin and Meaning

The name Webb is a boy's name of English origin meaning "weaver".

This pleasant single-syllable surname might be especially appealing to someone involved with the internet (and who isn't?)--even if some others might see it as a drawback.

Webb is one of those names that was well used at the end of the nineteenth century--it was Number 567 in 1880--and then completely vanished. One possible namesake is the Honky Tonk singer Webb Pierce.

Webb is much more visible as a surname, some notable bearers being actors Jack, Clifton, Chloe and Veronica, jazz musician Chick, and British reformer Beatrice.

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Famous People Named Webb

  • (James Frederick) Webb SimpsonAmerican golfer
  • (Michael) Webb PierceAmerican country music singer
  • William Webster "Webb" FranklinU.S. Congressman from Mississippi
  • Webb GillmanBritish WWI general
  • Webster Lee "Webb" HubbellAmerican lawyer and aide to President Bill Clinton
  • Wilbert Carl "Webb" SchultzAmerican baseball player
  • Webster Clay "Webb" BallAmerican founder of the Ball watch company
  • (James) Webb Cook HayesAmerican soldier and cofounder of Union Carbide
  • Webb MillerAmerican journalist and war correspondent
  • Webb Seymour10th Duke of Somerset
  • Webb Wilderstage name of John McMurry, American rock singer
  • Clifton WebbAmerican actor
  • Jack WebbAmerican actor
  • Lavell WebbAmerican rapper