Charis Origin and Meaning

The name Charis is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "grace".

Reference to the mythological Three Graces of womanly charm, this one representing charity. Pronounced in Greek as starting with a back-of-the-throat H sound, most English-speakers would translate that to something closer to KAR-is. It's also the name of a girl who lived in Atlantis in the novel Taliesin, and appears in the Margaret Atwood novel The Robber Bride.

Charis Popularity

Famous People Named Charis

  • Charis Elisa MichelsenAmerican actress and model
  • (Helen) Charis WilsonAmerican model for photographer Edward Weston
  • Charis BoyleAmerican model
  • Charis Pulvar (b. 1998)daughter of Audrey Pulvar
  • Charis Amber LincolnAmerican Youtuber

Charis in Pop Culture

  • CharisGreek term for any of three goddesses of charm, beauty, nature, human creativity, and fertility, together known as the Charites or Graces
  • Chariswife of Hephaestus in Homer's Iliad
  • Charis (born Karen)character in Margaret Atwood's "The Robber Bride"
  • Charisnarrator of "The Story of the Greek Slave," by Captain Marryat
  • Charis Merrivillebeautiful sister of the title character in Georgette Heyer's "Frederica" (1965): "Charis! And I thought that never was anyone more aptly named, for it means 'grace', you know,,from the Greek."