Russian variation of Paul

Pavel Origin and Meaning

The name Pavel is a boy's name of Russian origin meaning "small".

Pavel may be widespread in the former Soviet Union, but it has a somewhat impoverished image here.

Pavel Popularity

Famous People Named Pavel

  • Pavel Valerievich DatsyukRussian ice hockey player
  • Pavel Vladimirovich BureRussian ice hockey player
  • Pavel Alekseyevich CherenkovRussian physicist; winner of the Nobel Prize
  • Pavel "Pasha" KovalevRussian ballroom dancer and TV personality
  • Pavel VíznerCzech tennis player
  • Pavel NedvědCzech footballer
  • Pavel KukaCzech footballer
  • Pavel SložilCzech tennis player
  • Pavel Viktorovich PogrebnyakRussian tennis player
  • Pavel Igorevich DrozdRussian ice dancer
  • Pavel Nikolayevich FilonovRussian avant,garde painter

Pavel in Pop Culture

  • Pavel Chekovensign and navigator on TV's "Star Trek"
  • Pavel "Pasha" Vershinincharacter on TV's "Chernobyl: Zone of Exclusion"