"god is gracious"

Janek Origin and Meaning

The name Janek is a boy's name of Polish origin meaning "god is gracious".

A short form of the very popular Polish name Jan, which is the equivalent of John in English. Short forms ending in -ek are very widespread in Poland, but it is rare that one is given as the official birth certificate name.

Janek Popularity

Famous People Named Janek

  • Janek SchaeferEnglish sound artist
  • Janek GwizdalaEnglish jazz bassist and record producer
  • Janek JuzekCzech exporter of orchestral string instruments bearing his Anglican name, John Juzek
  • Janek MeetEstonian footballer
  • Janek Sirrsfilm visual effects artist
  • Janek TombakEstonian cyclist

Janek in Pop Culture

  • Dr Gunter Janekcharacter in the movie "Sneakers"
  • Janek Sunbercharacter in the "Star Wars" universe
  • "Ballad of Janek Wiśniewski" fictionalized poem about Polish protestor Zbigniew Godlewski by Mieczysław Cholewa