Dutch and Scandinavian, diminutive of Alexander
"defending men"

Sander Origin and Meaning

The name Sander is a boy's name of Scandinavian, Dutch origin meaning "defending men".

Sander is a more conventional form of Zander or Xander, heard frequently on its own in Europe. It is now a Top 20 name in Norway, and is also popular in Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Sander Popularity

Famous People Named Sander

  • Sander Vanocurjournalist and broadcaster
  • Sander Jenningsfeatured on the reality TV show "I Am Jazz"
  • Sander HelmersOlsen, member of Norwegian boyband The Main Level

Sander in Pop Culture

  • Sander Loyerfrom the movie "Camp Rock"
  • Sander DriesenFrom Belgian TV show “WTFock”