Slavic variation of Helga, Norse

Olga Origin and Meaning

The name Olga is a girl's name of Russian origin meaning "holy".

This Slavic form of the Norse name Helga is a classic in many Slavic countries, including Russia and Poland, where it currently ranks within the Top 100 girl names. It has historically ranked among the most popular names in countries including Ukraine, Latvia, Spain, France, Serbia, Greece, the US, and many more. Olga is a common name even in Scandinavian countries, such as Sweden and Norway, despite Helga being a more traditional choice. Olha is the uniquely Ukrainian variation.

Olga was one of Chekhov's Three Sisters, as well as the name of the saint who was instrumental in spreading Christianity in Kyivan Rus', an historic state encompassing modern-day Belarus, Ukraine and parts of Russia.

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Famous People Named Olga

  • Olga Constantinovna of RussiaQueen consort of George I of Greece
  • Olga NikolaevnaGrand Duchess of Russia, Queen consort of Charles I of Württemberg
  • Olga PavlovnaGrand Duchess of Russia, daughter of Paul I
  • Olga AlexandrovnaGrand Duchess of Russia, daughter of Alexander III
  • Olga NikolaevnaGrand Duchess of Russia, daughter of Nicholas II
  • Olga Khokhlovaformer wife and muse of Pablo Picasso
  • Olga Benário PrestesGerman,Brazilian Communist revolutionary
  • Olga Teresa Tañón (Ortíz)Puerto Rican singer
  • Olga Kostyantynivna KurylenkoUkrainian,French model and actress
  • Olga Valentinovna KorbutBelarusian Olympic gymnast
  • Olga CostaGerman,Mexican painter
  • Olga DondéMexican painter
  • Olga GovortsovaBelarusian tennis player
  • Olga SavchukUkrainian tennis player
  • Olga ScarzezziniPall, Austrian Olympic skier
  • OlgaBaroness de Meyer, British,born socialite
  • Olga RudgeAmerican violinist; mistress of Ezra Pound
  • Olga Isabella NethersoleEnglish actress
  • Olga IsabellePrincess of Savoy,Aosta, Duchess of Apulia
  • Olga Sergeevna Karavaeva aka Olga KayRussian Youtuber
  • Olga KharlanUkrainian fencer
  • Olga BogdanovaEstonian rhythmic gymnast

Olga in Pop Culture

  • Olga Patakisister of Helga Pataki on animated series "Hey Arnold!"
  • Olga Gurlukovichcharacter in video game "etal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty"
  • Olga Orlycharacter in video game 'Ace Attorney'
  • Olgaalso known as The Bride, character in horror film "The Bride"

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