Cool Baby Names That Start With L

Baby names that start with L are intrinsically lovely, luscious, lilting — and among the most stylish of our era. Liam, the top L name for boys, is also the most popular name for boys in the US overall. The most common L name for girls is Luna, the name of the Roman goddess of the moon.

Along with Luna, other cool girl names beginning with L in the US Top 400 include Lucy, Leilani, Lucia, Lila, and Lyric. In addition to Liam, other cool boy names starting with L in the US Top 400 include Luke, Levi, Lincoln, Leo, and Luca. Among the most unique of the cool L names are Lettice, Laredo, and Leatrice, which were each given to fewer than 5 babies in the most recent year on record.

Internationally popular baby names qualify as cool L names. Among them, Leonie in France, Lior in Israel, and Leonor in Portugal.

Here, our collection of the most intriguing L-starting cool baby names.

  • Lachlan

    Lachlan is as Scottish as haggis and tartan plaid kilts—a favorite used throughout England, Scotland, Australia, and New Zealand—and just beginning to be noticed in the US: it reached the Top 1000... Read More 

  • Laia

    Saint Eulalia was born in Spain and is the patron saint of Barcelona, so her name and its derivatives are popular throughout the land.Read More 

  • Lakshmi

    Often heard in India, this is the name of the Hindu goddess of abundance, beauty, and prosperity, the embodiment of grace and charm --lucky omens indeed. The goddess Lakshmi is worshiped daily in... Read More 

  • Land

    One of the simplest, most down-to-earth yet evocative of the word names, which could work — especially as a middle.Read More 

  • Landry

    Landry is one rising surname name, often after legendary Dallas Cowboys football coach Tom Landry, that is given to boys and girls. But the y ending does give it a feminine sound (as... Read More 

  • Langston

    The great African-American Harlem Renaissance writer Langston Hughes put this one on the map; actor Laurence Fishburne adopted it for his now grown son, born in 1987. Despite these popular... Read More 

  • Laramie

    Laramie was derived from the French word la ramée, meaning "leafy canopy." It was historically a French surname, but today it is a viable first name option for girls or boys. The Wyoming... Read More 

  • Laredo

    We've seen babies with Texas city names like Austin, Houston and Dallas--, why not the unexplored Laredo, which has a lot of cowboy charisma? Laredo might make for a more modern and creative... Read More 

  • Lark

    Lark is getting some new and well-deserved attention as a post-Robin and Raven bird name. Although it was first recorded as a name in the 1830's, it has never appeared on the Social Security list.... Read More 

  • Larkin

    While Larkin takes this name from girlish bird to boyish surname, there are actually more female Larkins these days than male, and it's a name that works as well for either gender.Read More 

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