Unique Boy Names A to Z

Unique Boy Names A to Z

You’re looking for a unique name for a boy… but where to start?

Each year, the names parents give their children get more varied, reflecting the importance of values such as diversity, creativity and individualism. Fifty years ago, 40% of baby boys in the US were given a Top 20 name. Thirty years ago it was 31%, and last year it was only 12%. So even if you choose one of the most popular names, it won’t be one of a crowd in the way it was for past generations.

But what if you want a name that stands out even more, and ensures your son is one of only a few in the country, let alone in his class?

There are many ways to make a name unique, from changing the spelling to inventing a brand new name. Here at Nameberry, we often find inspiration in names with deep roots and a long history, but which are overlooked and underused.

This list contains 52 such names, two for every letter of the alphabet, that are all below the US Top 1000. They come from a wide range of backgrounds — biblical, mythological, international — and are all uniquely wonderful.

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