Unique Boy Names A to Z

October 17, 2016 Esmeralda Rocha
unique boy names

Nowadays, a lot more parents are looking to unique boy names to help their little sons stand out from the crowd. Fifty years ago, the Top 20 boys’ names represented 41% of all male children; by contrast in 2015, the Top 20 boys’ names were given to only 14% of baby boys.

Ironically, the greater variety of names being used today means that unique names for boys are more likely to be accepted at school or in the workplace. And a greater variety of unusual names given to a higher percentage of boys underpins values such as creativity and diversity.

There are lots of ways for names to be unique, from spelling to new creations, but here at Nameberry we’re often most inspired by those names which are at once unusual and yet filled with history and meaning.  Here is a selection of our current favorites, including boys’ names that are Biblical, mythological, international– and simply wonderful:

Unique Boy Names A to E

  1. Abner
  2. Adlai
  3. Ambrose
  4. Amias
  5. Anatole
  6. Aurelius
  7. Balthazar
  8. Barnaby
  9. Booker
  10. Casimir  
  11. Clement
  12. Crispin
  13. Cyprien
  14. Delano
  15. Denzel
  16. Dion
  17. Elihu
  18. Emrys

Rare Boy Names F to L

  1. Fabian
  2. Finlo
  3. Gower
  4. Hadrian  
  5. Horatio
  6. Idris
  7. Inigo
  8. Isidore
  9. Jex
  10. Jolyon
  11. Kendry
  12. Kofi
  13. Lazer
  14. Leander
  15. Leopold
  16. Liev
  17. Linus

Unique Male Names M to R

  1. Maro
  2. Noam
  3. Orson
  4. Ozias
  5. Pascal
  6. Peregrine
  7. Rhodes
  8. Romulus
  9. Rufus

Unique Boy Names S to Z

  1. Stellan
  2. Torin
  3. Urban
  4. Vaughan
  5. Viggo
  6. Virgil
  7. Walden
  8. Yarden
  9. Zebedee

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