The Newest Baby Names on the List: Contest Winners!

May 14, 2017 Abby Sandel

By Abby Sandel

Last week, we learned the new most popular baby names in the US for calendar year 2016.

We also learned that some of you have crystal balls!

Our contest to guess the newest names on the list challenged readers to identify which boy name and girl name that didn’t appear in the 2015 Top 1,000 would rank highest in the 2016 data.

Two of you nailed it exactly. Congratulations to Miss Bennet for identifying Royalty as the highest debut for girls, at Number 532, and EmilyGC for guessing Fox for boys, at Number 746.

Three readers managed to identify a boy and girl name both making the list of newcomers to the rankings for 2016.

GenevieveReine guessed that Mavis would make the cut. It came in at Number 789, along with her entry of Wesson for boys, which ranked Number 993.

Ashley_Louise also scored in both the boys’ and girls’ categories, with Lyle for boys, now at Number 981, and Calliope for girls, which made the list at Number 939.

And Yarsl correctly guessed Poppy for girls, a debut at Number 747, and and Ira for boys, which stands at Number 950. (Thanks for the correction, @Orchid_Lover!)

Readers guessing one name correctly included:

– lyndskins chose Bridger, which ranked Number 859 for boys, the second highest new name on the boys’ side.

– beynotce correctly called the debut of Star Wars fueled Kylo, at Number 901.

– Yarsl’s entry of Ira re-entered the charts at Number 950.

– juliedsirois was right about Harris, now the Number 967 name.

– Macy13’s guess of Belle proved correct, at Number 933.

– SeaZuno86 entered Ramona, now Number 951 for girls.

– wittyusername103 picked Sylvie, the new Number 957 name.

– LouJohnson’s guess of Tinsley was right, at Number 963.

– hidevine picked Saoirse, which debuted at Number 983.

In total, 45 girls’ names joined the Top 1000 in 2016, along with 43 boys’ names. Here’s the complete list.



EmilyGC and Miss Bennet, please look for an email about your prize, and congratulations to all who guessed correctly!

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