Scorpio Baby Names

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by Sophie Kihm

Names for Scorpio babies can be drawn from a variety of sources that include the properties of this zodiac sign for babies born between October 23 and November 22.

In astrology, Scorpios are associated with steel, the color red, and fall flowers such as the chrysanthemum. Names for babies born under Scorpio might include names that mean water, as Scorpio is a water sign.

Halloween is the most notable holiday that takes place under the sign of Scorpio, so you might want to consider names associated with magic and the spiritual world. The number 11 and the autumn season may also provide inspiration for names for your Scorpio baby.

You could also look to famous Scorpios from Emma Stone to Frank Ocean to Julia Roberts to Drake in search of names for a Scorpio baby. Along with Emma and Drake, Scorpio baby names ranking in the US Top 1000 include Autumn, Brooks, Hazel, Luna, and Phoenix. Unique Scorpio baby names stylish right now include November, Eleven, and Sabrina.

For a baby born under the Scorpio zodiac sign, these names are worth consideration.

  • Angelina

    The gorgeous Angelina Jolie has promoted the star power of her name and changed Angelina's image from delicate to intense, from older Italian mama to stylish multi-cultural child. Kids might... Read More 

  • Antoinette

    This feminization of Anthony, like other early French forms, such as Babette and Nanette, is not heard as often as it once was, but it could be time for a reappraisal of this delicate Gallic... Read More 

  • Aqua

    One of the new color names that is catching on, invoking a calm, blue-green-sea feeling. Read More 

  • Artemis

    Artemis, one of the key figures of the female Greek pantheon, is the ancient virgin goddess of the hunt, wilderness, animals, childbirth, and a protector of young girls, later associated with the... Read More 

  • Autumn

    Crisp and colorful, Autumn is the most popular season name now -- the only one in the Top 100 in recent years -- with Autumn's coolness only surpassed by Winter. Jennifer Love Hewitt named her... Read More 

  • Azure

    Azure is a colorful choice for a blue-eyed child. Among other blue-toned color name possibilities: Indigo, Cerulean, and Blue itself.

    In the Middle Ages, azure was another name for... Read More 

  • Basil

    Although Greek in origin--in the fourth century, a bishop by that name established the principles of the Greek Orthodox Church--Basil for years took on the aura of aquiline-nosed upper-class... Read More 

  • Benjamin

    Benjamin is derived from the Hebrew name Binyamin, from the elements ben, meaning “son” and yamin, “right hand.” In the Old Testament, Benjamin was the youngest of the twelve... Read More 

  • Beryl

    Dated British favorite that never caught on in this country, where Jade remains the green gem of choice. Interesting namesakes: British writer Beryl Bainbridge and British aviatrix Beryl Markham.Read More 

  • Brooks

    Surname name, nature name, and word name, with a more masculine slant than Brook or Brooklyn. Brooks Robinson was one of the greatest third basemen ever, playing for the Baltimore Orioles from... Read More 

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