Scorpio Origin and Meaning

The name Scorpio is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning "scorpion".

Of all the astrological names —think Leo, Aries, Gemini— Scorpio probably has the most dramatically potent presence, which could prove something of a burden to a young boy.

In the soap opera General Hospital, Scorpio was the character's last name.

Scorpio Popularity

Scorpio in Pop Culture

  • Scorpioone of the Celestial Spirits in anime "Fairy Tail"
  • Scorpius Malfoycharacter in the Harry Potter series
  • Hank Scorpiocharacter on TV's "The Simpsons"
  • Robert Scorpiocharacter on the soap "General Hospital"
  • Felicia Jones Scorpiocharacter on TV's "General Hospital"