New Babyberry Report for November: Ruby, Rory and Rowdy

New Babyberry Report for November: Ruby, Rory and Rowdy

By Linda Rosenkrantz

Hot off the press–here’s our round-up of the newest babyberries who were entered on the Nameberry Birth Announcement forum in the month of November, 2013– along with some of the more illuminating comments by their parents.

No multiples this month, and no repeated names, but more than the usual quota of imaginative choices, awesome first and middle name combos, and great sibsets.

These November baby names feature a preponderance of M-starting girls and A-starting boys, and such stand-out little guys as Rowdy, Huckleberry and Job.


Alice Amelia, sister of Clara Margaret and Oliver Michael

“We were sitting around going between our final 2 choices (Eleanor and Theresa) when my husband looked at me and said Alice. As soon as he said it it was obvious. We met in college during a production of Alice in Wonderland. Her name was right in front of us all along.”

Annika Vivian

Annika is a name we just love. We love that it’s unique but not yoo-nique, we love the sound and look, the Anna nickname options, the meaning… Vivian is my mother’s name and a name we love (double win!).”

AntoniaAnnieEloise Gray

Caroline Augusta Jane

Evanna Francine

Everly Belle

Henrietta (Hattie) Jane, sister of Simon Kelly

While there was more enthusiasm on this board for the other of our two girl choices, we knew as soon as she was born that she could only be a Hattie. And so she is!…I love the way Simon and Hattie and Simon and Henrietta sound together, which makes me even happier about the name choice.”

Ireland Victoria Yves, sister of Harlow Ava Jean

Loretta Daisy, sister of Mason Patrick and Brenna Claire

Lucy Elizabeth

Aside from the fact that we both love the name Lucy, her dad and my mom are both huge “I Love Lucy” fans, and as an added bonus, we initially met because… prepare yourself for this… we are both hardcore “Weird Al” Yankovic fans, and the first song off of his first album is an homage to “I Love Lucy“… so all the signs led us there.  The middle name Elizabeth is a family name from her side–it is also my wife’s middle name, and her mother’s middle name, so she is carrying on the tradition.”

Madeleine Pearl, sister of Elizabeth Hope and Annabelle Cadence

Matilda Rosamond, sister of William Arthur, Eleanor Lillian and Penelope Eloise

Maude Jessica, sister of Vale Benjamin, Flynn Elliot and Darby Alexander

Margot Alice, sister of Evie June

Ruby Juliet Noa, sister of Layla Evangeline and Elyse Rose

“Each of our daughters are named after songs (my husband is a musician). There are many Ruby songs out there but we especially like Ruby Soho by Rancid and Ruby by Ray Charles.”

Scarlett Rosalind Artemis, sister of Penelope, Easton and Magnolia, step-sister of Callum and Alexander

“Once she was born she didn’t look like any of the other names we considered for her except for one. We switched Aurora/Aurelia to Rosalind Artemis because I just couldn’t let them go and they felt right. Her nickname is Lettie but most of the time we just call her Scarlett.”

Seraphine “Sephie” Charlotte, sister of Eloise Violet

SylviaSylvieJoy, sister of Ramona

“Her middle name is for my MIL Joyce and for the blessing and Joy that she has been to our family. We agonized long and hard over whether to name her Sylvie or Sylvia, always intending to call her Sylvie. We finally decided on Sylvia because the 3 syllables sound better with our 2 syllable last name and it suits her.”

Vivienne Sofia


Abel Rupert, brother of Juniper Elizabeth

Alonzo Hendrix

Archer Cohen Bear

Asher Declan, brother of Xavier Nathaniel

Bruno Xavier

Bruno is a name I have loved for a long time but I just wasn’t sure it was right until I met him. Bruno is also my SO’s grandfather’s name. He was a loving grandfather and a survivor of a work camp in WWII.”

Clark Ebenezer, brother of Henry, Mollie and Gideon

Clark is my mother’s maiden name and was on the short list for our other boys…I am so pleased with its crisp, handsome charm and I feel it suits him. I also feel like it connects me more closely to my grandparents, whose lives I admire so much.”

Deacon Antonio, brother of Jesse Valentino

Dominic Jameson

Everest Hendry Charles, brother to Forrester Dorian, Morganna Jane, Teagan Laura, Ian Charles, Corin William, Brennan Charles, and Orlando Marcus

Everest is a name we just love.  We were looking for something that meant similar to a pinnacle or high point.”

Huckleberry Jude, brother of Holden Timothy

Jasper Errol

Job Marcellus, brother of Amaré Elyse

Kaiden Levi, brother of Sebastian Rhys

Konrad Rupert Leopold, brother of Benedikte Eva Nichola

He is named after both grandfathers: Konrad Rupert Leopold. My dad is Robert Leo and my father-in-law (and husband) are both Konrad. In fact the name is used every generation going back to the year 1200 in his family. (So, he’s more like a 75th, not a III). He’s called Rupert and affectionately Rip.”

Lennox Andrew Michael

Lennox is a name I’d never heard until I saw it on a Nameberry forum and it suits my lovely boy perfectly. We intend to nickname him “Lex.”

Rory August Walker, brother of Finn Patrick and Isla Elizabeth

My husband and I were married in August 2005 so we chose it as his middle name to honour our marriage”

Rowdy Thibadeaux

Viggo Conrad, brother of Swede Monet, Ingrid Sisley & Sofia Cezanne

“Our kids all have artists names for their middle names…Monet, after Claude Monet (obviously) Sisley after Alfred Sisley, Cezanne after Paul Cezanne and Conrad after Conrad Schwiering.”

(Special thanks for her help to our eagle-eyed intern Denise K. Potter.)

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Linda Rosenkrantz

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