Nameberry’s First Starbabies: Where are they now?

Way back before celebrity baby bumps and the Brangelina brood, before Bronx Mowgli and Blue Ivy, we put together the first-ever collection of celebrity baby names in our 1988 book Beyond Jennifer & Jason. These “starbaby” names had the power to launch trends and inspire namesakes, we theorized, and we’d be hearing them far into the future.

The future has arrived, and those original celebrity babies have grown up and made names for themselves. Here, a look at some of the starbabies whose names were included in our original lists and what they’re doing now.

Bryce Dallas

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Parents Ron and Cheryl Howard famously gave their children middle names related to the locales where they were conceived—ergo Dallas. Bryce has gone on to earn a Golden Globe nomination and accolades for her role in The Help. She now has two starbabies of her own—Theodore Norman (Theo) and Beatrice Jean.

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