Kylie Jenner's Baby Names: The Name Guru to the Stars Weighs In

Kylie Jenner's Baby Names: The Name Guru to the Stars Weighs In

Kylie Jenner baby names always attract a lot of speculation, and she didn't disappoint when she chose Stormi for her first child.

It’s been a while since the last Kardashian-Jenner pregnancy announcement, but I finally have the opportunity to predict names for Kylie’s baby once again. She recently confirmed the rumors — Stormi is getting a brother or sister. What will the name be? I have some (literally) bright ideas.

See my predictions for Kylie Jenner baby names below, but first, let’s check in on the starbaby birth announcements of the past month:

Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost announced the birth of their son Cosmo in August. A cool vintage name that’s definitely ready for a comeback!

Eudoxie Bridges and Ludacris named their daughter Chance Oyali — a name I had predicted for a son.

Australian actors Teresa Palmer and Mark Webber welcomed a baby girl named Prairie Moon on August 17. Could Prairie be the next big baby name?

Elle King and Dan Tooker named their son, born earlier this month, Lucky Levi.

Pete and Chasten Buttigieg welcomed twins! Their daughter and son are named Penelope Rose and Joseph August.

Enter our Instagram contests on Tuesdays with your own predictions for the chance to win $100 if you beat me, the Name Guru to the Stars. Here, see a sneak peek at the celebrities I’m making predictions for this month, and my guesses for Jennifer Lawrence, Olivia Munn, and Kylie Jenner’s baby names.

Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Baby Names

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Stormi

Kylie and Travis, where are you going to go from Stormi? You intentionally sought out nature names with an -ie ending (to match your name, Kylie) for a girl, so something like Pixie, Peachy, or Icy (Icie?) also meets those requirements. But my favorite option for another daughter is Feather, which connects to birds and has that unexpected, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that quality that has drawn people to Stormi.

For a boy, Solar is a good match — maybe too good — but my favorite has to be Neon. It could be considered a nature name, considering it’s an element on the periodic table, but the more salient association are the bright, eye-catching neon lights. Makes a lot of sense for a starbaby.

Girl: Feather, Fuchsia, Icy, Lava, Lush, Moon, Peachy, Pixie, Sunset, Velvet

Boy: Branch, Coast, Jaguar, Kingdom, Neon, Rye, Silver, Solar, Timber, Vivid

Jennifer Lawrence & Cooke Maroney Baby Names

Gender: unknown

Siblings: none

Jennifer Lawrence baby names are a mystery for now! Unlike Kylie, she doesn't have a baby naming track record to help me identify her style.

Jennifer and Cooke, you have names on opposite ends of the spectrum. Jennifer was the most common girl name for over a decade, while Cooke is so rare it’s never made the US charts! Statistically speaking, your child’s name will fall somewhere in the middle. But will it lean quirky and unusual or more mainstream? This is your first child, so it’s hard to tell ­— my predictions are all along the continuum.

The clear winner for a girl (in my eyes) is Wren. Not only is it a tailored, stylish, and down-to-earth girl name, but it’s also hidden inside Lawrence, making it a sneaky nod to mom’s surname. For a boy, I could see you going with a classic like George or Wesley, a surname like Miller or Hale, or even a vintage revival like Percy or Lyle. No matter the case, I believe it will be streamlined and strong.

Girl: Brynn, Faye, Gwen, Hattie, Ingrid, Martha, Pia, Prairie, Ruth, Wren

Boy: Arthur, August, George, Hale, Lyle, Miller, Percy, Truman, Walter, Wesley

Olivia Munn & John Mulaney Baby Names

Gender: unknown

Siblings: none

You’re expecting your first baby, Olivia and John, and he or she is almost certainly going to have a fun name. What are fun Olivia Munn baby names? Fun names are high-energy, a little offbeat, but up-and-coming and likable. Think Scarlett and Colin’s son Cosmo (okay, maybe not quite that divisive). Names like Ramona, Maxine, and Lula are prime fun names for girls, while Winston, Casper, and Quincy definitely qualify for boys.

Girl: Agatha, Celeste, Eloise, Harriet, Lula, Marlowe, Maxine, Phoebe, Ramona, Willa

Boy: Beckett, Casper, Cyrus, Harris, Jasper, Lenny, Quincy, Ozzy, Rhodes, Winston

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley & Jason Statham Baby Names

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Jack Oscar

It’s hard to argue with a name like Jack, which you chose for your son who was born in 2017. Rosie and Jason, as English American citizens, you need a name that feels at home in both countries. There’s a lot of overlap in short names, particularly classic nickname names (like Jack). You’re definitely likely to pick Evie over Evelyn, Charlie over Charles, Theo (or Teddy) over Theodore. But there are some formal names that might appeal as well ­— perhaps Margot or Henry or Alice.

Girl: Ada, Alice, Ella, Evie, Grace, Lucy, Margot, Millie, Poppy, Ruby

Boy: Charlie, Eli, Finn, Henry, Hugo, Leo, Luke, Milo, Teddy, Theo

Christina Ricci & Mark Hampton Baby Names

Gender: unknown

Siblings: FrederickFreddie” (previous relationship)

Christina, you have a son named Freddie, which is a surprisingly underused choice among revival nicknames. I see you sticking in the vintage territory for this next baby’s name, and I love the idea of doing another nickname name for a son. Archie and Freddie would make the perfect pair, and Howard (call him Howie) is a sleeper pick that is prime for reconsideration. Freddie works well with many old-fashioned girl names, but my favorites are Mabel, Penny, and Opal.

Girl: Florence, Harriet, Josephine, Louisa, Lucy, Mabel, Opal, Penny, Sylvie, Willa

Boy: Archie, Arthur, Cyrus, Howard, Oscar, Owen, Rhys, Silas, Theodore, Walter

Carrie & Boris Johnson Baby Names

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Lara Lettice, Milo Arthur, Cassia Peaches, Theodore Apollo (previous relationship), Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas

Boris, you fashionable namer! All of your stylishly named children were given names outside of the UK Top 100 the year they were born, and most have gone on to be smash hits. We’re clearly going to see a rising name on Baby Number Six, but which names qualify in England? For girls, there’s influencer-favorite Ottilie, Bridgerton names Daphne and Eloise, and pan-botanical Flora. On the boys’ side, up-and-comers Otis, Rupert, and Chester feel right as brother names to Wilfred.

Girl: Agnes, Clementine, Daphne, Dorothy, Edith, Felicity, Flora, Henrietta, Ottilie, Sylvie

Boy: Chester, Elias, Francis, Otis, Otto, Rex, Rudy, Rupert, Sidney, Vincent

Morgan Stewart & Jordan McGraw Baby Names

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Row Renggli (g)

Morgan and Jordan, you went with the ultra-modern, super sleek name Row for your daughter who was born just six months ago. Row strikes a perfect balance — it’s unique without trying too hard, cool but approachable. I’ve stuck with the latest, greatest one-syllable names for your next baby’s name. Lux feels like the perfect sister name, and I’m also a fan of Vale and Wynn for a baby girl. Van is my top pick for a son, but I’d be thrilled to see you pick something like chill, beachy, Dune.

Girl: Cai, Dove, Lark, Lou, Lux, Nyx, Pax, Tate, Vale, Wynn

Boy: Ash, Beck, Bond, Dune, Hart, Kier, Locke, Pierce, Reeves, Van

Michelle Branch & Patrick Carney Baby Names

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Owen Isabelle (previous relationship), Rhys James

Did you intentionally choose Welsh names for each of your children, Michelle? You have Irish heritage (as does Patrick), so Celtic names are a perfect fit. Owen for a girl was a headline-making choice sixteen years ago, while Rhys feels more expected. I’m hoping this baby’s name splits the difference. I’d love to convince you to use Rooney for a girl — it’s friendly, familiar, and Irish. Larkin and Fallon would also be a nice fit with the sibset. If you have a boy, the fashionable Welsh name Macsen should be a strong contender. Other favorites in the Welsh-Scottish-Irish realm include Teague, Lorcan, and Callum.

Girl: Billie, Carys, Fallon, Greer, Juno, Larkin, Maeve, Nuala, Orla, Rooney

Boy: Callum, Grady, Kit, Lorcan, Lyle, Macsen, Milo, Ned, Rory, Teague

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